Working on new video series! [Now Live]

Ok guys and gals this is just a heads up that im going to be creating a new video series that will be following my progression through JWA! I should have episode #1 finished tomorrow and ready for uploading!

The video will contain:

  1. Opening incubators (arena ones not paid)
  2. Evolving and fusing of my dinosaurs
  3. Earning daily battle incubator
  4. Catching a dinosaur or two
  5. Strike event completion (every step)
  6. 3 x community Service (where I swap out my team for low levels and go into the arena and let people get wins/break their losing streak)
  7. (MAYBE) Battle and gameplay tips (though nothing advanced!)

Ok guys and gals episode 1 is now complete!

Any feedback on something I could improve on feel free to let me know here or on the video comments :sunglasses:


I would say it’s a bit long. My attention keeps drifting towards darting my own dinos. I just can’t help it. Thanks for sharing the content! Keep it up…and add some music!

Yeah the episodes are going to be 30mins in length from now on, I just wanted a good thorough opening episode :slight_smile:

Edit: When I have watched other JWA similar vids on YouTube I would always be like “Why cant they make the videos longer, I want to see more” lol, but to each his own. Im sure some will like a nice long video with heaps of content, and others might get bored!
Then again you don’t have to watch it all in one go :wink:

Also I don’t think you’re aloud to put copyrighted music in YouTube vids! But I will have some of the battle sounds going on if needed!

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I’m starting to work on episode #2 if anyone has any suggestions?

In terms of shortening each episode I hav decided that with epic strike events I will not show the whole seven/ten steps of footage, just each battle that ends in winning an incubator.

So yeah any suggestions based on episode #1?

Ok ladies and gents I have finished Episode #2 now, im sorry that its been so long since Episode #1 but Ive been having a lot of trouble with footage getting lost or errors causing the recordings to not save.

But here it is! Episode #2 The Indoraptor Special!

Edit: future episodes will be in higher video quality btw!


Really great video @Stiffeno !
Slides flowed well.
haha, and you’ve got an excellent speaking voice!

Congrats on breaking 4500 and keep the vids coming :+1:t4::+1:t4:

Thanks mate, will do =D.

Im actually going to try and break 4600 today :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

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i like how you went over the weekly line up and strike events and tossed in a little game play too.

The variety makes this better than just battle vids in my opinion.

Hersh (2723)


Yeah ive watched a lot of different JWA vids in the past before I started playing and I too found that I liked the ones with a little bit of everything thrown in, it kept my attention more hehe.

I actually would have had a little “Battle Tips” segment however I ran out of time because I want the episodes to be no longer than 30mins now. The 1 hour episode #1 was only that long as I wanted a good intro video!

Yeah, I agree that’s a good length.
Lol… I’ve got a little bit of ADD so it’s hard for me to focus much longer than that :joy:

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I yeah, my son himself has ADHD so I know it all too well LOL.

Anyway If you have any suggestions for content or changes I could make to the upcoming episode #3 based on what you seen in episode #2 let me know either here on even on the YouTube comments!

Hope you and others like them ^_^.

Oh and I created a playlist so you can watch all my JWA vids!


Show us some hunting/darting videos and let us see you in action!

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Yeah, really liked your first episode, but thought that the darting part was a little boring. If you want to include a darting section, focus on epics, whose bullseye points appear on several parts of the animal and explain to your audience where they should focus for the next shot. Although it will be more difficult to achieve, I think that it would make your videos much more interesting and value adding.

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Ok I will keep it in mind, problem is a lot of times when I see epics worth catching im on a bus and by the time I get the recording going and then have the game reconnect (it drops out for like 15 seconds when they game is minimised for some reason) they will be out of range!

But I will try my best!

Thanks for the input Anthony and Magic!

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Told you it would be difficult, but worth a try. I am a fan of your episodes, so will keep viewing regardless!

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Thanks ^_^, its a shame I didn’t video record last week when two Ankys spawned within 30 meters of each other! I was in such a mad rush to get to them before despawn that I didn’t even think to record it lol.

Oh and there was also a Gorgosuchus a street away…which was great since its on my team!

Id say it was one of the best short darting session ive ever had!


Hey everyone its been 8 months since my last video, but here is a short little video to tide you over while I work on Episode #3 over the next few days ^_^!

Hope you all enjoy, and keep an eye on this thread for the next few days for my upcoming long awaited #3!

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Trying to swap your team around to take advantage of matchmaking mechanics seems an awful lot like an exploit. Nothing personal, it’s just that I seem to remember you taking a very hardline stance on any and all “exploits.”

Umm im using rating appropriate dinosaurs for those arenas so not really as im not getting an unfair advantage.

Edit: And many players have secondary teams they use from time to time, I just happen to have a good reason for doing it because with the broken matchmaking algorithm im not getting fair matches.
This way with these lower level dinosaurs im actually getting fair fights, as are my opponents!