Working out of the country

Hey everyone,

I am currently working out of the country where my internet isn’t the greatest. My question is, if my wife uses my account at home to do some Alliance tasks for me and I login from time to time over here when internet permits providing we’re not logged on at the same time would that be an issue? Obviously getting kicked or banned is the last thing I’d want as I’ve worked so hard to get this far with my team/ alliance and spent a lot of money on it!

Any advice would be brilliant!

I don’t think I would take the chance.
If you log into your account and then your wife logs into it, without the proper travel time between the countries, Ludia may flag it as being a spoofer.

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There is the issue of it being flagged as suspicious because of the distance between the log in points.
But i know some players that have the log in for their kid’s/ friend’s/ spouse’s/ whatever accounts and will log in to do activities for them from time to time when either party is some hours away. I’m sure Ludia can tell if it is a different device that is logging into the account. I’d still be cautious and give a reasonable amount of time between when both of you are logging into the game, but if both of you happen to do it at the same time every once in a while, i don’t think you’ll have much to worry about.

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