Working with Boost Loss Penalty to Boost New Better Creatures

Ok. Say you have 8 fully boosted level 30 great creatures that has you in the top 100-500.

An update comes and nerfs one of your 8 and introduces a better OP creature.

Lets just say it takes 5 weeks to get that new shinny creature up to level 28-30.

In that 5 weeks, if your a heavy PvP person, you can acquire around 500 of each boost.

Now it’s time to deboost that nerfed creature. You remove the 10-10-5 (1000 - 1000 - 500) off that fully boosted creature, getting 500, 500 and 250 back.

Now you put the 500, 500, and 250 plus the 500, 500 and 250 of the other 500 you worked for the last 5 weeks on the new creature and you have a shinny new OP fully boosted creature to replace your nerfed one.

Now you have 3 more weeks before the next update to continue saving up 300, 300 and 300 of all the boosts, ready for the next new shinny creature to replace the next nerfed one.

You don’t really need the boost removing tokens if all your doing is just having 8 of the best creatures on your team and that being all you play day-in and day-out.

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…this is sarcasm right? I can’t tell. Lol

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uh…? fully boosted lv 30 creatures uses only 25 boost tiers? not to mention that the boosts lost per creature aren’t always going to be equivalent to what you’re replacing it with. doesn’t quite work like that.

Hey, I will always tout that people should really carefully consider how to boost and use their creatures in the best possible way so that even if a creature takes a nerf or a rework it’s still incredibly useful, but I’m not quite certain what you’ve described really works the way you think it does. :sweat_smile:

Im pretty sure more than 1 dino will be saying goodbye every month with how ridiculous the power creep is. Scorpios skoona indot mortem albertospinos and arctovasilas of all things are disappearing quite fast

Anything unboosted and not lvl 30 will get eaten in the shores no matter how op it is unboosted