World boss Death Dodo - Thanksgiving 2018

This world boss was the first one that I have gone as deep as I did on. I found out they actually had cash prides for some of the damage levels.
300,000 = 500 cash
500,000 = 1,000 cash
700,000 = 1,500 cash

I was curious if anyone went past the 700,000 mark and how many levels there were. I only had a few missions left but wasn’t sure how many more were for cash or were the DNA rewards.

Also noticed that after boss level 35ish, the attack stopped going up and only the health went up. Which made it nice since you knew what to expect on the attack side.

How did everyone else fare with this world boss?

Impressive. I’ve never been willing to give it more time than to get the 300,000 damage one, and even that took longer than I wanted. I only did it by doing the repetitive three-blocks-one-reserve-until-you-get-to-all-eight-and-then-three-blocks-five-attacks-and-do-it-all-over-again technique with my level 40 Troodon while watching TV or doing something else.

One of my other favorite games is Mass Effect 3. One of the characters on there, Jack, has a line where she tells a bad guy, “I’m gonna beat you until candy comes out!” I kind of think of the weekend bosses that way: I beat them until DNA and Dinobucks come out.

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Yeah this was the first time I gave it this much attention. My indoraptor made for quick work on the levels since each four - five hit would do ~25,000-35,000 in damage. Which only worked since this was a herbivore boss.

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To risk going off-topic: how long have you been playing? I only started this summer (2018), and am just now working on an Indominus. I have enough S-DNA to make the Indoraptor when I (eventually) get an Indominus up to level 40. Like I indicated, my best dino is a level 40 Troodon. Thank goodness for Clash of the Titans; I can’t yet finish in Dominator in any tournaments.

I had previously completed all tasks, but this time, for the Dodo, I just thought the last one wasn’t worth the while.
After 700,000, it’ll be a series of damage-related tasks, 1m, 2m, 3m.
Prizes: Dino cash 2000, 2500, 3000 respectively.
I’m now at two Indoraptors level 10, so I do have a significant advantage over the herb Dodo.
But even then, getting 3 million damage would still take an hour and a half or more, depending on how often I get to strike the Dodo with 5 hits.
I previously completed just to see if there were special prizes for going 108/108, but no.

Now if that final prize for 3m damage were, say, 5000 Dino cash, then yes, it would’ve been worth my while.


Thanks for the input @DinoStan on the rest of the levels. I have my second indoraptor waiting to hatch and will be even more prepared for the next herbivore boss. @HanSoloWannaBe I started in spring 2018 I think around April or May can’t remember exactly when. I play just about every day which has helped me gather all of the nessesacry resources without spending money (except my VIP membership). I feel like it wasn’t until the last couple of months that I was able to get into the Dominator league, I probably would have tried harder earlier but didn’t realize that the dominator prize was actually unlocking the creature for future purchase. Live and learn.

I’m not in a big hurry to make Dominator league. My creation lab is so backlogged with so many legendary creatures… those 2-to-7-day cook times really slow the incentive to go for Dominator or other legendary-prize-level events.

The VIP Legendary dinos take only 6hrs to hatch, or 100 Dino bucks to speed up.
You’re guaranteed a random one whenever you buy the VIP pack with 10,000 JW pts.
Took me I think two months to realize how great the JW pts are.
On hindsight, what a fool I was, trading JW pts for Dino bucks and DNA!!!
Now I do the opposite.

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I did realize this trick, but I’m grateful to be told nevertheless. I figured it out about three weeks into the game when I had so many JW points I didn’t know what to do with them.

The 6-hr legendaries only come once a week. In the course of a week, I’ll usually earn maybe 3-5 more legendaries. Since most legendaries take 3-7 days to cook, the backlog adds up fast, especially when you consider that most legendaries take 3-5 days to level up from 30 to 40 (8 hours a pop, and it almost always takes 7-10 tries to have successful evolution). Still, grateful for the council!

For sure VIP creatures are more valuable than just about everything else, faster to hatch and faster cool down timers after you use them. They are my go to for tournaments based on their quicker cool down timers.

As far as resources go for me VIP points > Dino bucks (although I won’t trade bucks for VIP points) > DNA > food > coin. I will always trade the last three for the first two.

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I’ve even spent 11,000 Dino bucks (thrice, I think) on trades for specific VIP Dinos.
My aquatic squad is next to invincible for PVP (where you only face realistic opponents, not some ridiculous level 789 freak; even then, I can find ways to win).
I mostly lose when I underestimate the opposition and don’t field a strong enough team.
Started playing late April, and began making dominator league around mid to late July.
For tournaments, I look forward to the 2,600 VIP pts for making the 1% level than unlocking the Dino, really.