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World Boss stuck at level 2 with 0 health

I got current world boss to level 2 and can’t go any further…
Boss has 0 (ZERO) health but is not dying, I can’t hit him any more and for some reason he can’t hurt my dinos, so the only way to finish the battle is forfeit it.

Have you tried forfeiting the battle and then attempting a new battle with the same result?

I tried that few times, then restarting the game, then restarting the phone, then reinstalling the game… still nothing.

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Oh man, make sure you submit an in game support ticket with that screen shot along with your support key.


I too am facing the zombie boss. The good news is that since she can’t hit me, I can accomplish nondamage missions with ease. I sent support ingame and through e-mail with screen shots

When you attack does it register “damage”, can you rack up the requirements for the large DNA and eventually DB rewards?

No. It is as if the attacks were blocked. Same when it attacks me. You can do the non damage missions though

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Where is the option in game to send ticket with screenshot?

In the settings menu, click help and support

In Help and Support, Click Support

Click the icon in the top right that kind of resembles a piece of paper

On the bottom picture, look at the top right. Click the paperclip. I didn’t notice it on mine until after I made the initial post and clicked I needed to talk someone


Did you include your support key? I did, and if you didn’t maybe that is the difference? I did my postings before I got the automated messages, but the paperclip is still there, so that can’t be the issue.

I initiated my support request at 3:21 and my pictures postings are time stamped 3:51. (All times local)

Try rotating the screen in the support dialogue.

That’s the best I’ve got.

Thank you for your efforts. I did include my support key. Rotating the screen doesn’t help as well. Let me know in this topic if/when/how your problem is solved, please :wink:

Will do. Please do the same for me. I am going to try logging into another device at some point this evening

So, the post I made above about about how to insert a picture into a help request got flagged by multiple community members as inappropriate. Whoever flagged it, please tell me what I did. Thanks

If the flags came out because I included my support key in the picture, thanks for protecting me, but I wish you had let me know what was up.

48 hours later. Still no answer from support…

Just an FYI… Support generally takes 4-5 days to respond. Unfortunately this will be outside of the time frame that will help with the Boss issues.

I did get a reply to another issue submitted on Thursday. So, they’re working toward us. For what it’s worth, changing devices did not help with the zombie boss.

I got a notice that my account will be credited 100 dinobucks, but as yet, it has not been delivered