World Bosses

Hey Ludia can you increase WB timer atleast to 1 week? 3 days are too short and we are not able to make it please increase the timer so we could get all the rewards

I’d just be happy if they fix the random 4-hit issue. Even if they are doing this on purpose, it should at least let you play awhile before doing it, I just had a whole round ruined by the boss taking out my amphi in the second spot immediately with 4 hits. Having an amphi mod event at the same time that I need my top 3 to finish really doesn’t help with this either, do they even think these things through???

I’m sure they do think it through to increase your tension.

LOL, it certainly feels that way sometimes. But I expect it’s more they just seem to keep trying to find more ways to separate us from our DBs without actually getting annoyed enough to stop playing.

Speaking of fixing… I know this is old but @Ned do you know why we didn’t get the advertised reward that was on FB:

And instead we got the T-Rex statue?


@Ned and why there are still no icons present in the forum editor? Sorry that I posted this in the wrong thread.

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@Ned looks like the statue is a reward now for an event later on this week.

Hey Tommi, we’re aware of this issue. :sweat:

If you’re using a computer, the icon information will be available if you move your mouse cursor over the spaces.

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Thanks for pointing that out, @Sionsith. Update on our Facebook post here:

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