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World first level 30 indominus rex


You have seen indoraptor level 30. Tryko and erlido level 30. Have you seen 30 indominus? No, because better for players to save your trex for the first 3x dinos above, rather than indom. Only weido create indom level 30. lol.

…So introducing you now, to the first Level 30 indom own by a player. Enjoy!



Nice work @neodejavu!! That thing looks beastly.
If I’m not mistaken, would that give a cloaked APR crit of 9,200+ ??


congrats!! im sure that thing is a beast even without cloak. ive been working on mine too.


Yep. 9264 with my math.


Ive honestly been debating leveling indom over indo… the drop in tanks means less shields and immunity is real nice.

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Drnizam definitely has had level 30 indom for awhile


That is drnizam lol


Awwwwh that makes sense :joy: i played him last night with that level 30 indom and level 29 allosino. Barely won! that 5100+ health indom is a force


It definitely is

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Can we see a video how beast that thing is at lvl30?:hugs::hugs:

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I screenshotted it last night when i saw it, but apparently i clicked indos stats somehow mid screenshot and blocked the whole screen :joy:


His 29 allosino is also the biggest of that dino ive ever seen lol. Screenshot that as well


Nice lvl30 dino :smiley: just saw your indom in action in Pocemon’s new video


yes, @Justin_Larson. that DrNizam lvl 30 indom you see is me😂. But dont get me wrong guys… I have indoraptor lvl 30 before make this 30. So dont ignore indoraptor please…

I decide to focus on this, because i think ive no “energy” to lvl up tryko or erli to 30, after indoraptor. So indominus become my target after indoraptor


Yes @Justin_Larson . And that allosino lvl 29 of mine is another different story.:joy:
…to make it short, ludia introduce thor to the world after i alredy have allosino level 26😡.
With that existing high level, definitely i will not create Thor unless i make allosino 30 first🤦🏻‍♂️.
( “Thanks” ludia🙄)

#p/s: Relentless already have lvl 30 allosino in his library since season 2. So, for allosino level 30, is nothing new.

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Yea ive played yu before. More than once lol @neodejavu

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