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World lizard day?

What is it?

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Apparently the name for the extra strike event we got today!

Yeah but they are not lizards.
Clearly Diplocaulus is amphibian.

Dinosaurs also aren’t lizards (lepidosaur), they are archosaur.
A hybrid between amphibian & archosaur couldn’t be lizard.

In conclusion, we have a lizard day event without any actual lizard.:thinking:


Tomorrow’s EpicStrike Event.

Today’s epic strike event. Click the info button when you come across it.

When life gives you lemons, make lizards out of amphibians? :wink::frog::lizard::lemon:


Talking to me?

He was, as the epic tower was today.

You are overthinking it. Although Swamp Monster day does have a better ring to it.

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Well, I will play that tomorrow. Daytime.
That’s why I said tomorrow.

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