World ranking


Anyone else wanting to know their world ranking? Why only the top 500? Made it to 486 a few days ago then quickly out of the top 500. With so many taking big losses in the marshes why can we not know if we are close to being on the leader board. May even encourage me to level up more Dinos or even a sneaky incubator buy if I know I had a shot at the top again. Seems a missed moneymaker for Ludia. We should all know how close we are. World rankings please


Yes, I would like to be able to easily find my ranking but I have no idea where I am (other than I’m outside the top 500).


Yes, it’s a great idea. Have you also noticed that the max amount of trophies you can get is 5000? So far, about 5 people got it! I wonder why it’s the limit, though.


Probably thought it would take months to get that far. Not counting on spoofers


I guess there has to be a glass ceiling otherwise those players with 5000 would always be a breakaway pack and No one would be able to compete with then for the top spot, which would kill the competition at the top end.


If the ‘breakaway pack’ were to battle each other every time, then it’s just an exchange of points.
If a player has lets say 5500 trophies and wins from a player with 4000, he/she will gain less points than normal(I. E. Only 10 trophies instead of 20 to 30+) and it will become less and less the greater the gap will become, thus making it harder and harder to stay at the top.
This would make a natural boundary that can be climbed slowly over time. I think it’s much better this way, as I don’t like the 5k ceiling idea.


I agree, and I don’t like a ceiling either, but I was just trying to think of why there was one in the first place.