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Worried about the future of boosts

Hey this not a post of me saying i support boosts and troll in arena i use boosts and have a thor with 3800 health 1500 attack and 145 speed i dont like playing arena even before the update but they have it in daily incubators so its like i have to but i prefer using them in strike events there easier for me to do but the the trio stike event boss towers ive been sucking those strike events but with the boosts i have kicked tail with them and everyone is complaining about them and im worried that ludia will remove them completely and ill suck again and have no fun :frowning: also heres my team if you want to know what i use

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No worries!

We all like to get rampaged from nowhere!

Great meta!

take this:


you may need it some day.


Stop making fun of me


Why are you even here just to tease me

Yeah but im all the was back at sorna
Pluse i prefer strike events

i haven’t singled you out, if that’s what you mean…i’m pretty equal opportunity. it’s nothing personal, mind you, but if you disagree, then i apologize, as that was not my intent.

i’m actually quite enjoying your posts, and i try to read them out loud after taking a really huge breath.

I know i have autism and its hard for me to make proper sentences i just dont want to be teased cause i like using mods for boosts


I know mate.

Everything is upside down right now.

Just look at this.

boost until your heart is content, i’m not here to judge - i just get a kick out of your posts because they rarely, if ever, contain periods.

having said that, my posts never, ever ever, contain upper case letters.

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Are you making fun of me? I can’t tell

no, not at all - they are pointing out that the team in that image, without boosts, wouldn’t even be ranked in the top 2000, much less 31st.



No. I mean we all in same boat.

I play this team. I’m just at 5000. While someone with lot less levels i rank 31.

This is upside down.

If you want to compare.

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How i dont want to loose my mods from all the posts ive seen its like death to mods even a freaken petition for get them removed

Stop being a jerk. Does it make you feel better about yourself ?



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Should have left him more than 1 :wink:

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that seemed like piling on.

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Thank you i just want to get away from all the boost hating

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