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Worried about where former Exclusives will spawn

Currently ludia revealed some Exclusives were being put on the map. Something about mammoth being able to spawn worries me. I currently have put atleast 100+ American dollars trying to get Entelomoth and Trying to get lania. If mammoth is a local and is not in my area. That may be an issue. I’d rather not spend more money on the game. It would be more fair for everyone if it was global.

How much dna did u get cuz if you have a couple mammoths, you can get like 100 of it in a day At a high Sanc level,

They’re removing wolly rhino from L4 so I guess L4 will get mammoth.

We have a shared lvl 20 sanc. It’s been urged not to put mammoth in

Hopefully its that or global

They’re also removing Brachiosaurus from L1…

Will probably get replaced with Pachy, which I don’t need and by how much of it was given in arena, probably not many need. Could be replaced with mammoth, but the wooly from L4 leaving sounds like they plan on putting mammoth there.

Just wait for Gamepress Spawn Guide

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Wait, why and also why does this character limit exist, it is not ela class.

Maia is also gone, so we don’t know. Irritator and Bary Gen 2 are going to zone 2

Brachiosaurus too

Maybe don’t spend money on the game? I’ve never spent any money.

Frankly, I cant dart 200 something per mammoth. That wasn’t my point though. It just helped