Worried my device wont support 1.8

Hi i have been a player for over a year i played on a iphone 5c that runs ios 10.3.3 it runs well despite not having the ar feature but that was there im worried it wont support 1.8 i know that sounds silly but I honestly do fear i might not be able to enjoy the update or any or the updates in the future should i worry of do i have nothing to worry about?

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Apparently my phone can’t even handle 1.7 so 1.8 might not even be playable for me if they keep their nonsense up. So much lag on the new creatures. I can’t wait to see how unusable the 1.8 creatures will be.


No i mean i wont be able to update it not will it run 1.8

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Hey Alex_Nolin, if anytime the requirements for iOS devices changes, we’ll be sure to update our FAQ here: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=device-compatibility&f=ios-what-devices-are-compatible&l=en

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So am i safe for 1.8?

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I can’t guarantee that personally, but if you’re experiencing issues after updating, our team would be happy to take a look. :slight_smile:

Ok i just mean will 1.8 be compatible for my ios 10.3.3

No mentions on the release notes that it wouldn’t, @Alex_Nolin, so it should be compatible. If anything changes, we’ll update them here: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.8

How old is iPhone 5c? 5 years?

My phone even cant handle the cenozoic graphic so funny

Yeah why but i got it from a friend over a year ago

Because it is the same as it is with computers. Sometimes you have to Upgrade your Hardware to someting new :slight_smile:

Yeah but mine works fine

I just hope with the new animations they remember the problems soooo many had with the hair and feathers of new dinosaurs on 1.7 and have taken this into account

People with iPhone 6 have had issues since last update let alone the new one coming out. It’s still not fixed and is listed as a known issue for the new update. I don’t get it. Months to fix this and it will remain a known issue.

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I too have the same issue with my iPhone 6 :pensive: