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Worse than DC


It’s been beating into the ground the annoyance the majority of the fan base has with DC. While I don’t enjoy it and really think at the least it needs to lose its rejuv (that was my biggest qualm with DC2, the one turn escape)… there’s a move I find much more infuriating.

Indo’s evasive stance.

Look I have a 25 indo on my team, still would be more than content with it reworking it’s evasive stance. There’s way too many battles were I’ve out played the other team (often with much higher level Dino’s) only to be squashed by a triple cloak dodge from indo.

At least with the other cloakers (Indom and erlidom) you can get a shield off to negate the damage, indo, nope you’re getting DSR.

I know mono and yoshi have evasive too but their such glass cannons and don’t have DSR you can usually can get a kill off.

Yeah yeah I know, bring nullifers. I have monosteg, but A) he has to be picked into my lineup B) not used yet and c) brought in at the right time. If you bring in your nullifier after indo is out you’re likely to take DSR to the face, then a CI which often is enough to kill you before you get a move off.

What do you guys think?? And are they’re other moves out there that really anger ya?


Ludia uses RNG to keep us on a gamble. I hate hoe most games these days arw becoming more mindless and arw designed to wind u up so u spend money

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Nerf it. While they’re at it, look at Apatosaurus health. That is the true crime here. Nerf Apatosaurus


Evasive stance has nothing on DC. You can counter indo very easily, you can’t with dracocera.


The fact that they haven’t nerfed Apatosaurus yet just shows that Ludia doesn’t care about the players.


Use DC on Indo so he cannot knock you out before he cloaks again. Use Indo with evasive to make getting DCd early too risky for the opponent and also have a turn two Rampage ready if he does try it. Problem solved.


I would personally love if Indoraptor had Cloak again.

But he would need a huge rebalance, as Cloak + Defense Shattering Rampage would be busted.

I am not sure Ludia would be good at making that balanced, honestly.


True that.

Pinning Strike is way OP! BAM! Nothing you can do to get away.

Try to Regen and excape… BOOM… Pinning strike again!! It needs at least a two-turn cooldown.


Nerf diplocaulus, stupid green slug is running the arena!


Indo is fine because there are dinosaurs with nullify as an ability. Make sure you have one on your team just in case. You can at least deal with evasive/cloak where you can’t deal with a swap in DC.


There are some fundamental issues in the current stage of the game for nullifying dinos… and thats Ludia has made nullifiers a kinda risky situation… At the time I made the best decision at the time with the info available to me and it was to go for monomimus. I was still tring to make him work when 1.6 hit and they nerfed him again making it now a dead dino.

Im in a pretty akward situation where i either have to invest and level a dino that most likely wont make it to my end game team. Suchotator, Monole, skoola. Wait and make a nullifier that could be on an endgame team but will take me a while to get to team level monostego (yay park spawns only 7 more levels to go) or magna.

Or i can level the christmas chicken and most likely end up in the same spot Im in right now when thsy nerf it in 1.7 considering its like monomimus ver 2.0…so i run without one right now while working to level monostego and create magna…

Tried using Tyrannoloph but it just didnt really work does to its slow speed and low survivability.


Did someone say nerf? Nerf Nessie!


I have Monoceratops and Tyrannolophosaurus on mine. Mono is my main nullifier and it does the job well. Tyran is more there for the damage output, but having a second nullifier works out when needed.


Yeah like i said i need 7+ levels on my monostego and with stego in parks its not happening anytime soon. Even for me to use tyrannoloph its 20… the indos i face are 25 not exactly a good match up.
Even good ole easy to level suchotator would need to be leveled up 6 levels to get him to same level… it just this akward place Im in cause Ludia decided a second monomimus nerf needed to be done.


No way, my diplo one shot the Lythonax boss. DNA is hard to find as it is. You’re wrong



Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is worse than Evasive Stance in this game.


Stance will make em dance


Were you the one i battled last night? I had my lvl 22 Indo go up against a player who had a lvl 25 and I got 3 evasive stance dodges in a row which helped me win. It’s such a coincidence to come to the forums today and immediately read somebody mention this incident that I had happen. My username is: MisterLau.


Nothing, except Apatosaurus. :wink:


Lydia never listens anyways. Except they just buff Apatosaurus more.