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Worst ability in JWA

I know I have posted a topic about the worst hybrid in JWA but now i wanna know what’s the worst ability by you guys

My worst abilities

Tip the scales



Group Decelerating Strike

Revenge Impact

So what’s your worst ability? let me know

Strike. So basic as to be almost pointless.


Group ferocity strike is, by far, worst ability.


Group decelerating strike. Is a normal attack with a longer cooldown than some rampages.


I really wish spinotahraptor had gotten cunning strike instead.


It’s probably not the worst ability, but Adrenaline Pulse is the only healing move in the game that doesn’t cleanse you first, making it pretty bad if you’re distracted.

Seriously Ludia, just give Postosuchus something else like Heal. Anything but Andrenaline Pulse! Although the name is pretty cool. If they made it a Heal + Ferocity move, that would fit it pretty well.

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Strike. Its pointless. Too simple. I don’t like it.
Impact. Better than strike but still too simple. Plus only dilo g2 has it so pointless.
Edit: Minor Counter Attack. Give nodopatotitan something better ludia, like Medium Resilient Counter


I think we have a winner! I don’t even think about the counter attack on Nodopatotitan. Even plain old medium counter attack would be better.


It was ufourtunately nerfed to 2 turns in 2.0


Strike, Minor Counter, or Group Decel Strike, since it doesn’t really work given its cooldown


Group takedown, basically a worse version of ready to crush and only increase damage for 1 attack.

Tip the Scales and Strike basically useless both of them

I don’t think it’s the worst. It’s a great move to have in raids to buff the teams attack. T.rex raid is a good time to use it

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Tip the scales is pointless but it can also be helpful in a hadros lux raid.

CAUTIOUS STRIKE !!!.. for me it’s worst…

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It’s worst, cause buffs only for this and next attack, don’t cleanse, while has 3 turn cooldown.

It’s bad for a ferocious move, but I think it’s still better than something like strike. That one does 1x damage and buffs your damage for 0 turns. If you have 1000 attack and you use strike + rampage, you’ll do 3000 damage. If you use GFS + rampage, you’ll do 4500, a difference of 1500 damage. I too hate that they reduced the number of active turns with the same cooldown (one of those really needs to change), but I don’t think it’s bad.

The swap in rend is basically useless to a lot of dinos that are immune or semi immune to it. When it’s semi or full immune it does very little damage and it’s really annoying


That’s true

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Yeah but if they don’t resist it (and nothing is fully immune to rend) it’s probably the second best swap in move in the game. That’s like saying decelerating moves are bad because if your opponent is immune to decel they don’t do anything.

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