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Worst achievement reward

It is time to crown the worst achievement reward of them all!:crown:

My nomination is the one you get for doing “Distinctive Gait”.

You spend minimum 345 000 coins and get a 1000 coins reward! :partying_face:
Ahhh! Feels so… rewarding and motivational!
If you never went to math classes maybe.:thinking:

What are your nominees?


Cenozoic Specialist.
have elasmotherium, brontotherium, and wooly rhino at lv 20.
reward: a badge.


Screenshot_20210325-185254_JW Alive


My nominees are any achievements that involve me spending a truckload of coin for such a pitiful reward like making creatures lvl 20 that have no use at that level or fusing 2500 spinotasuchus dna, I am probably not gonna be focusing on these achievements until they have a motivational reward, until I have nothing else to do, or until the creatures that need to be lvl up to 20 have a use like a hybrid or something


why is the requirement for the spinotasuchs one so high? 2500 seems a bit excessive.

Just for no particular reason probably :joy: Like most of these achievements

No clue, don’t really care :slight_smile: it’s done!
330 now.

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im at 269 done. i’m not going too far out of my way to finish them at this point.

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This one is the most work for nothing imo.


1 year (or close to it) for 20 legendary dna. That is garbage.


Still gonna do it :wink:
But at least I can. Beach bum (reach shores) is something that’ll never happen in the current state of the game.

Unless you don’t play in the arena you would open those incubators anyways.:thinking: But yeah quite pointless, and nowhere near enough to even level it up once :laughing:

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Tbh most of the achievements suck. Too many high-effort low-reward ones that feel more like they were shoehorned in for the sake of having loads of them to update with.

To answer the question properly, though… The one you mentioned. All those coins spent and not even a badge to brag with.


Boost 1 creature to teir 20 health or attack or speed. All for a title

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The achievement forcing you to waste precious FIPs on Amarga of all creatures wins the LVP in my book.


I mean, yeah it’s a 100 bucks.

But for how long and difficult it is, the reward should be twice that.


yeah, most of the rewards need to be better, no clue why ludia made the rewards so pitiful, but then again its kinda obvious


I’ll say it again… sometimes it seems like the developers don’t even play the game.
These three right here are completely useless.

For Thagomizer, most of us leveled up Miragaia to L20 for tournaments and Tuojiang to L20 for the hybrids. But to keep it simple, Ludia is asking you to spend 920,000 coins for a 1,500 coin reward and a title.

The title they award ought to be “Math Is Hard” or “Low IQ” or “Bad With Money”.
I can’t even…

PS: I copied the image from a previous post. These will remain unachieved on my account. I have better things to spend my hard-earned coins on.


I feel like this achievements for the TOP TOP players

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here here i totally agree with this followed by the dart epic and the other one which without vip is super hard

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