Worst/best apex?

That has way more to do with the fact that Skoonasaurus, Arctovasilas, and Ankylos Lux are just utter monster Resilients and Wildcards.

Hadros is a little easier to handle but it’s still just as good as it’s always been.


I have no apexes I just have two epics but I think the godzilla rex i.e mortem rex is da best

Mortem is one of the worst actually

It doesn’t fit in the current meta


Mortem is not the worst but it’s not that good compared to ankylos lux and arctoval

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Yeah and it gets destroyed by Phorurex and Scorp G3, things that Vasilas, AnkyLux and Trebax can deal with

From my perspective it’s a glass cannon

But it pretty rare.

Apex is a Scam.

People have worked and spend A LOT of time on it – to see it useless…?!

And you say it out of meta. Right.

And also 30 boosts worth 60.000 cash and around 1 million coins. EVERY APEX.


That’s not really how that works. Mortem isn’t one of the worst Apexes by a long shot, and the only reason it fell out of the meta is a simply because it lacks an On-Escape ability.

Yeah it really needs an on escape move to make it better

Isn’t there 9 apexes now?

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aaaaaaaaa why jussme

Yeah but with the attack nerf, the change to resilient abilities, and the loss of resilient rampage, hadros is no longer viable for top players
It can’t deal with armor or shields and has no armor to help it survive
Hadros is definitely not as good as it was
Read Gamepress article on hadros lux and you’ll see what I mean

Obviously it’s gets destroyed by them, they are all cunnings and you of all people should be expected to know that CUNNINGS are BETTER than FIERCE that’s literally the game cycle, and mortem can wreck vasilas and ankylos. They just beat those cunning’s because they were DESIGNED as resilients to be able to take down these creatures. Also prex still will do lots of damage to vasilas if not kill it. Scorpio is actually one of the counters to the bear.

Oops yup. My bad lol.

They must be talking of the silly hadros lux with speed and no health or damage. I have never lost to a SRG3 or spinoconstrictor with my HL. It definitely is worse than it used to be and there are better options now but if you have 30 boosts on it, keep it until you can replace it.


Why on Earth would I do that when I’m running a maxed out and maxed boosted Hadros in upper Gryosphere/lower Nublar Shores, and am therefore not only speaking from experience but know what I’m actually talking about?

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If it works for you that’s fine
However it’s not the best apex

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I don’t think Ref is the worst — and with more fierce options coming to impact the meta I think it’ll be more useful to many as a master distracter. Surely Mortem is the worst?

Ref is the worst- mortem can at least beat testa, sometimes anky lux, and arctovas among others. Ref isn’t even immune to distraction and it has a bad turn 1.