Worst/best apex?

Yeah mortem will beat them relatively easily. And it wins most of the time against the two other apexes depending on it’s and it’s opponent’s speed.

yeaaaaa everybody is supporting the mortem boyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Mortem is da beeeeeeest

Mortem isn’t the best but it can be good with the right boosts


This is the best apex

innit bois?

I love it when people nitro boost tanks and think they’re bad like a nitro Stegod or Spinocon. The only apexes that really benefit from max speed for now are Morty and Gorgo which isn’t saying that much tho

If u want it even better make ur custom moves

Worst apex (just needs 1 level creatures)

The tarbosaur and raptor are actually pretty good

Dude it is very cheap far an apex

I meant it’s creatures for fusing it are really good for that bad apex the raptor can probably kill it

This is the remastered one

good for cheap innit?

Sorry guys had to log out and in again

Issme marionessrulesboi