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Worst Bugs Yet

As an Alliance leader I am truly at my wits end. It is nearly impossible to keep track of active members and after this new update my entire team is having problems. I am losing good players because of it. I’m unable to see DNA donations, who it is that completed missions and this goes for not only me. Screenshots



Yeah its pretty bad for leaders, but that bug about the top contributors is easy. Tap the challenge and it will show the name of the player.


and finishing friendly battles task is near impossible here…


Instead of DC or Thor they just nerved the Alliance Leaders. In return we got Strategy … hey who needs an alliance now? :see_no_evil::joy:

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We asked for changes to allow alliance leaders to keep a track of activity, and actually lost one of the few ways to tell.

Our alliance uses who gives dna as one way to tell, and now that’s gone!

I guess Ludia don’t want to see more players leave as a result of being inactive in alliances?

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