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Worst child character

  • Lex
  • Tim
  • Kelly
  • Eric
  • Zach
  • Gray
  • Maisie

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Lex: the flashlight, started the trend of the kids being useless until near the end of the movie

Tim: too busy hanging onto the chair while Lex hacks into system to get the gun

Kelly: raptor gymnastics and a liability up until that point

Eric: doesn’t really bother me but him surviving on his own for as long as he did is one of the many points of contention in JPIII

Zach/Gray: fairly unoriginal personalities, subplot adds nothing to the film

Maisie: “I had to. They’re alive…like me.”


give chair a massage

get the gun



In Tim’s defense, most kids in a high stress situation like that aren’t just going to go 'oh hey, maybe I should go grab this gun I have no experience in using to try and kill a dinosaur". And in Lex’s defense, we could have gotten book!Lex who was younger than Tim.


Not the aminals!tim and let were great… You actually cared if they lived or died.

The kid on the island was OK… I could respect him. Smart resourceful OK all around.

The two from lost World… Rehash of Tim and let i really wanted them to die. Just didn’t care one bit.

Malcom daughter was two kids smashed together (neither were gymnasts) and I was Bleh on her.

I liked the last kid though.


Oh might add Tim and let killed Hammond so they are OK in my book.


I mostly liked them, except for Lex and Tim.

Tim wasn’t too bad, but a bit over enthusiastic and therefore annoying to me.

Lex on the other hand was an downright obnoxiously annoying, cocky, millennial hipster before the word “millennial” was even started to surface… Everytime I watch JP I wish she gets mauled to death…

Eric was alright, except the whole surviving 8 weeks in a hellhole, where trained mercenaries died left and right. But the script of JP3 was written by monkeys anyway, so apart from that he was fine.

I have no objection against the others, they are were somewhat likeable.


I think he meant that he should have handled the gun to the adults, which is valid criticism.

I am pretty sure noone expects an 8 years old to be able to use a gun, let alone a shotgun.


I couldn’t have shot that gun it was 3 inch heavy load 10 GA. At that age I was still on 12 GA turkey Max… With a long barrel I could do goose loads.


Whichever the doofus kid was from JW-1 who was trying to look cool in front of a bunch of girls instead of being a supportive older brother when he knew his kid brother was struggling with their family life.


Should have made this poll to where you can vote for at least two. Grey was just as whiny and useless as his older angst-ridden teenage brother.


But the kid could count teeth! Whoooo-weee!


I was praying that someone would smack the crap out of that little whiner the whole way through Jurassic World, or that things would turn dark and both the kids would become an I-Rex snack.


Plot and use of character wise, I consider both the worst… but I still had to vote Lex because of that crazy piercing scream. Like the Trike girl from Land Before Time.

Just. Shut. UP.


“Yeah, your parents are getting a divorce - so freaking what? Look, kid… We’re in extreme danger here. priorities. Whine when you get off the island. IF the dinosaurs don’t hear you first…”


Both the kids in JW don’t do anything to further the plot, they’re just there to be chased. The idea is generally to have kids getting in trouble to heighten the suspense, but in JW, the kids just kinda slowed things down. Kelly in Lost World didn’t seem to add much to that film at first, but when you compare her to Zach and Grey, she tops them both. The same for the kid in JP3! He survived for Eight WEEKS on Sorna by himself!

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I wanna know how DID he get that T-rex pee?


I don’t know. Some things aren’t meant to be understood, just accepted.


Both from JW-1 were useless and made things worse, while all the other kids did something important to the group (though some of them impossible)… Especially the older one (Zach I think), who not only ignored the warning to return from the gyrosphere ride, but also drove it to a restricted area… The younger one at least gave the idea to Claire that “they needed more teeth”



I actually really liked Eric, smart kid and honestly, he’s like a younger Alan. Who is a boss with some common sense.
Still wanna know how he got that trex pee…
JP3 is actually my Second favorite in the whole series. It may or may not be because of my swooning over Billy though…

I voted for Lex though. Her only use was to make my ears bleed and hack a computer for 5 minutes.

Tim at least didn’t freak out as much as Lex, and I got a soft spot for him after the whole Trex eating a Gallimimus scene. Typical boy.

Kelly just wanted to he with Malcolm and let’s face it, can you punt a raptor through a wall while swinging around on a rusty poll? I can’t. She also didn’t freak out nearly as much as Lex would of with a trex literally a foot away from her.

I was too busy swooning Chris Pratt and wondering how the heck Claire ran in those heels to pay attention to Zack and Grey.

I realized early on that Maisie was there for a plot twist and she still screamed less than Lex.