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Worst child character

I‘ve always wondered how she ‚hacked‘ the computer? It looked more like she clicked on the right folders the JP team couldn‘t see (for whatever reason). In the original book, I think it was the boy who really hacked the computer and saved everyone‘s butt.

And why the heck didn‘t he help Alan and Dr. Sattler to get the gun instead of standing behind Lex and scream and annoy the audience?


What bothered me with that scene, why didn’t Alan or Dr. Satler ask him to get the gun? A simple "Tim!!! Hand us the gun! " was all it would of taken.

His brains were probably still fried after being electrocuted.

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Lex and Tim I have issues with. They aren’t annoying and at least feel like they should be part of the story.

I have no issues with Kelly and I don’t mind the gymnastics payoff but she’s only there because a not so similar character appears in the novel.

Eric irritates me to no end. He’s only there for two reasons. One - Spielberg likes putting irritating child characters in films and two - they need an excuse to go back to the islands.

Zach and Grey are both pointless child characters. They are they to be chased and because again, Spielberg likes child characters. With these two they are more irritating than most (only Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds irritates me more!). I think you could have easily taken them out of JW and it would have made it better to focus on Claire and Owen.

Maisie… haven’t seen enough of her yet to say exactly how annoying she is but did no one in that control room grab her before she could press that button? Being a (SPOILER) was odd enough but releasing the dinosaurs was just a stupid move for her (although needed for the film series plot).

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Eric was only on the island to begin with because his mother and family “friend” thought it would be a good idea to do some illegal parasailing next to an island full of dinosaurs.

Oh yes, but take that plot out and you could have come up with a better reason to go back rather than to include another annoying child character.

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True, there could of been a better reason. However, I find Eric to be the least annoying kid out of them.

He actually offers insight about the island to everyone, saves Alan, and is quite smart.

His usefulness lasts more than 5 minutes.

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Eric’s mother for me would be the worst adult main character for sure.


Technically, it’s her fault that events of Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom happen.

Anytime writers use the sentence, “you don’t want to know” or “you wouldn’t believe it” it means they wanted something completely unrealistic in the story but couldn’t come up with a plausible way to explain it.

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I know the negative stigma around the third movie, but I personally enjoy it a lot, even to this day, as bad as it probably is in actuality. That said, I never had an issue with Eric. Always thought he was smart. Kind of had to be to survive as long as he did on an island inhabited by giant, ancient predators.

Also didn’t mind Zach and Gray, as much as the older brother (can’t remember which one that was off the top of my head) was a jerk at the beginning. He pulled through for his little bro halfway through the movie, which is exactly how my family works. We get on each other’s nerves a lot, but if you mess with one of us, expect a LOT of trouble.

As for a WORST kid, I guess Maisie. She doesn’t really do much throughout the movie aside from run, hide, and then let all the dinos free at the end. Not saying I disliked her, just that she easily did the LEAST in terms of protecting not just her self, but anyone aside from the dinos.

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Does anybody remember the line, “Then why don’t you put her in charge?” from a whiny Bill Paxton in Aliens in response to Sigourney Weaver’s, “this little girl has survived…”?

It’s because adults and people with training get killed because they think they’re in control, smarter and better than the antagonist so they don’t have the fear of a situation they probably should have whereas the kids that survive in these extremely hostile environments are smart enough to ignore any curiosity they may have and stay away keeping out of sight.

That being said we already know that Eric would survive. Tim would die because he’s too curious and would want to get close to see the dinosaurs. Lex could be a survivor if she could keep her mouth shut but a simple bug crawling on her at the wrong time would end that silence resulting in her demise. Kelly would end up dying due to over confidence. Zach might survive but it’s doubtful as warning signs mean nothing to him and rules are meant to be broken showing he has some arrogance in any given situation. Grey is too codependent to survive on his own. The clone girl doesn’t see the real threat in these magnificent creatures but she is disposable as they can just make another one (which I’m kind of sorry they have introduced this into the series. What’s next Mr. Spielberg? Will you finally get your aliens into the Jurassic series?)

Most annoying kid in the series? Probably Steven Spielberg. :laughing:

I don’t think any kid would survive for weeks in a freaking Jurassic jungle surrounded by mutant raptors :rofl:

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This is the point though. Why do we need to always have a child character? Can’t we just have one that focuses on the adults and the dinosaurs for a change?