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Worst creature to dart

We all know the Boa is the absolute worst thing to dart but what would you say is the next worst to dart I think it’s Gators Rhinos or Sauropods

Anything with a hit point on the tail, it can be difficult to get a hit let alone a direct 1 especially as it speeds up swinging from side to side .


I do normally try to aim. But tails I’m content with getting 1 DNA so I can move on to the next marker.

Things I suck at darting:
sneks(not amazing but I can get a good amount of dna)
rhinos(galloping makes it impossible for me)
diplodocus(takes forever to go from tail to the head, even harder to get a tail shot lol)
anything with a foot shot(other than the turtle)


Same @Snake_Dude

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No doubt Daryx, hate the wing spot. Could say the tail spots are the next worst things(looking at you Indoraptor). The weird gallops on Rhino makes it difficult to dart as well


Tail targets are my worst enemy in the game!

Unless it’s an easy target like Carbonemys (it’s basically just darting the back end of it’s shell. Lol)

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