Worst Dino selection of the week


This has to be the worst week with not even a single Dino of interest… What a waste of a week this will be…!


Honestly, for me it’s a good one. Even tough I have discovered every creature I never find any kaprosuchus/megalosaurus/postosuchus anywhere. If it’s a bad for you it doesn’t mean it’s bad for everyone


Are you kidding? The Postosuchus and Kaprosuchus are rarer than the cure for cancer in my area. Honestly it’s one of the best ones yet in my opinion, with the exclusion of the Koolasuchus.


Yea i have tons of Gorgos & Megas in my Location Zone but Postas & Kapros are much harder to get i think i only have found 70 DNA altogether for the Kapro & Posta is only still level 6


I am only 5 dino i still have yet to see Rex Gen 2, Spino Gen 2, & Bary Gen 2, the rest are Hybrids i have yet to finish Postimetrodon for the Hybrid with Bary which i couldn’t complete during events, & Kapro i need to finish to reveal the hybrid with spinoraptor (i know not real name but easier to spell atm)


I have seen the irratator gen2 but have never seen the Spino gen2 or TRex gen 2 here in PA


People are really never happy xD This week you get a chance to improve your progress at the legendary Megalosuchus (or increase her level in case you already have her). If you are not interested in Megalosuchus, however, you also get useful tools for Gorgosuchus, Postimetrodon, Tryostronyx and Spinotasuchus. What’s bad about all this?

I for one am very excited. Postosuchus and Kaprosuchus NEVER spawn anywhere in my whole town so I’ve never even had the chance to create Gorgosuchus yet. If only for collection purposes, I want her. I’ll be sure to get as much DNA as possible from Kaprosuchus and Gorgosuchus!


They spawn here but they never seem to when I am in thier Local Zone except once so those 2 are my targets & Gorosuchus Megas & Gorgos are in my Local Zones at home & work so I see them quite common


I’ve been looking forward to Suchus Week forever! So many rares that never spawn around here. Even better that Suchus Week coincides with Shark Week :slight_smile:


level 24 indoraptor… level 8 megalosaurus… so it’s non-existent for me. so is kaprosuchus and postasuchus so this is one of the best for me


The postusuchus was my lowest dino, today is awesome


Koolasuchus Gen2 & Gorgosaurus are 2 of the most common rare species, but you can use their attempts to those seldom spawn crocos.
So I think this weekly line up is great.

I’ve see Postosuchus 1 time, Kaprosuchus 2 times in the past 2 months.


Koolasuchus Gen 2 is useless and Gorgosaurus is common but everything else here is great for people with different locals


I love the current events cuz ive never unlocked these dinos. Without them, i never wouldghave gotten Amargasaur who now saves my butt from raptor spam. A tarbo event would be nice. I live in suburbs but cannot travel much if at all and dont see many dinos close enough to my house to catch them. But theres a nature trail just 150km from my home that the game stocks for events. Tarbo isnt just a fav dino personally but i caught enough on a trip through DC that hes a good focal point in my team and I dont want her going obsolete. Still a buttload more chances than pokemon go i hear.


Sounds like OP is in the minority here. I too think it’s a pretty good week, since I just started using my Gorgosuchus again. I’m pretty much guaranteed to level it up at least once, if not twice, bringing her to lvl 16. With the armour piercing buff she’s getting with the new update she’ll quickly become one of my “new” favourites.


Agreed; I was super excited. Literally Sunday night I was looking at my deck thinking “I really wish they would push a Megalosaurus event,” and then: BAM! I miiiigghhhhttt get Megalosuchus, maybe.


I’m pretty bummed by this week’s events so far. I really, really needed Postosuchus DNA and for both days, the only event dinos I’ve seen spawn at all have been Koolosuchus. In fact I even found a few event locations that didn’t spawn anything at all.


I had that happen too. On the second day I took a long route home (difficult for me to do with one bad leg) that passes by 5 stops. All of them were Koolasuchus. Passing them by to at least look at the 2 regular stops on my way home and one was empty and the other was Koola again.

Fortunately, having had this happen the previous week, I also went out the day before and stocked up on Postos so I’m only out 2 more.

That’s the only downside to this new format, but the empty stops is just frustrating.