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Worst event ever


And I mean it


Scheduled Wednesday Friday have no reason to dart so no reason to leave house and play JWA. I thought that would be the complaint.

People getting a bit hysterical now about DC like a lvl 17 one. Has anyone full on raged on YouTube about this yet. I’d love a good laugh.


I’ve stopped playing jwa for a bit.
I’m running an alliance, so I’m forced to go back in and stuff.


It swapped in first turn. I wasn’t expecting that. It was then promptly eaten and strike tower destroyed. I don’t fear the SI stuff when AI does it. They don’t have much I to go with the A. Bring on level 30 DC; that would be an interesting event.


Nope, easy kill there, with Kevin, it’s the easiest one of all.


Kevin is Procerathomimus


This one was rather easy for me personally. But for me the only time rats are dangerous are lvl 22+ especially when they’re level 23-26 and the rest of both teams are lower levels(I guess the levels could vary based on teams). It is over leveled anyway in arena. Mine is lvl 18 and I have 2,600 dna of draco gen 2 and 30,000 tri gen 2 lol. I don’t wanna use my coins here! But others do, my highest dino is thor level 22 and most the teams I face are decently similar. Except dracoceratops. I’ve now seen up to lvl 26 in sorna marshes. Getting ridiculous.

My Tyranno is nearly level 20 and I think he took out two of these dinos. Thor did easy clean up works.


I’ll be completely honest, out of all the alternate nicknames I’ve seen for my beloved Christmas Ostrich, Kevin is sole other nickname I find exceptable. :+1::+1::joy:


This is a combination of a level 30 “Swap-in-Strike” tower I would like to try and face.

Level 30 Dracorex, Level 30 Dracoceratops and Level 30 Dracorex Gen 2.

Starts with Dracorex that does one strike and then Impact and run to Dracacoceratops. D.C. does Rampage, then instant regen and then swaps to Dracorex Gen 2. D.G2 will be made to strike twice and if still alive, impact and run back to Dracorex who does 1x swap in damage.


That would be pretty cool, I guess. Sounds like it would be extremely difficult for most lower level teams. I’m just assuming that though.


If you think this is the worst event because a lvl 17 Dracocera is in a strike, then you haven’t seen anything.
Absolutely pathetic reason to hate an event. This isn’t the first time its been in a strike, or will it be the last.

Get over it.


No way, it rammed through my whole team, including my apato.


Even with the highest health in the game?


Your team isnt blurred that much. No apo


Did Dracocera use the swap in insta-kill?


Is your team really low level? A 17 Dracoceratops shouldn’t be that big of a deal. The computer swapped in on me but didn’t kill my dinosaur so I was able to knock out the Dracoceratops and then the rest of the fight was easy.


DC has the bling all over itself. My apato got outshined in the eyes and it was too late to manage a blind fight.


K. Blingbling boy will be the preferred term

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Apato wasn’t in the pic, it was watching over all of them…

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The issue I have with Dracoc is the ability to cleanse everything and max its health. So Apato hits it once, it fills its health, repeat and repeat. I once had a 2 hour battle with one against my Apato which has the highest health in the game. Finally lost because of connection issues not due to lack of Apato health

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