Worst game ever made

Issues don’t stop at all. This one I really hate as was looking forward to win some high end prizes in this tournament.
I lost almost 80% of my battles before I reached 450 due to battle getting stuck. After a turn the timer goes till zero and gets stuck and then I have to close app and restart again. At 450 I was on 97th rank . Unhappy because I could have been in top 10 if these issues had not happened. After 450 I had stopped battles for few hours and then later when I started I lost 5 matches in a row die to this issue. The 6th and 7th match also had this issue but I was able to connect back and still win from a lost position. 8th and 9th same issue I lost both. 10th match all ok and I won easily. 11th again this issue I lost. 12th and 13th match I won no issue. 14th and 15th I lost no issue. 16th I won after this issue I connected back and won from almost lost position.after that a couple of games I won and lost without any issue. Then the match in which I lost and dropped to 270 points I got this issue 2 times in a match and I lost it very closely. Then I tried again and I got same issue and lost. So I stopped playing tournament and collected supply drops and dino dna. And no issues in that. Then I closed my app and after sometime started it again in hope to recover lost points. But all in vain as I got same issue again. Then next couple games no issue and then again I got issue and I gave up on trying and closed the app. If a player is kicked out of match then the match should get timed out to prevent such things. But that didn’t happen and I lost everything. If they check all these matches, I would have won and been in top 3-10. But this game is telling us that there is no hope left by the look of things going on.

Why do u play the “worst game ever made”. If it’s not fun, why do you play. Just quit


Yeah already ready to do that once I get my refund back. And btw u haven’t spent that much as I have to just quit

I love it how people cry about this game so much, complain how bad it is, I hate it, Ludia need to change it, its so broken, but yet a large majority of these people who complain still play it. If you think its bad then don’t play. Just uninstall it, enough said.


Sure top 5 player on the leaderbaord 6400 trophies. I’m f2p for sure :joy: move on scrub

I know u have played from the start and u play a lot and hence u are there and u have spent but not like me as I have spent almost 4.8k usd and waiting for an response from Google

Also be rest assured as soon as I get my refund back I am off

I mean, I’m f2p and I’m actually doing ok. I’m lockwoods with a decent team

Not gonna be like other players who got refunded back and then spent that money again in this game on boosts etc to gain advantage

Boosts aren’t for sale anymore. We know u won’t be buying boosts

Just noticed u even changed ur fake 456 dna collected pic to this new one

Just don’t get me into this mode as already frustrated from what happened in the game

Ya as no one cares u are in top 5 as with things going dunno if u can even afford to stay there

Is this things really still going on?

Do people really have to be so rude to each other :unamused:


Expecting a mod to appear any minute… now? And yeah, people don’t have to be so rude

The game hasn’t always been broken. It has its hiccups but they usually get fixed, for the most part. I still love this game i just hate how lazy Ludia has gotten since it released and how they have done things since 1.7 and are still currently doing things. Its not a bad game though and it never has been. It’s in a bit of a bad situation at the moment. If Ludia gave it some TLC and repaired what they have messed with it would still be amazing. Alot of games go through this issue, other companies just tend to fix it faster (unless you’re EA, Bethesda, etc.) You’re upset because you’ve been losing heavily in the arena or for some other reason that has only been here since 1.7. Just uninstall and wait to see if it gets fixed or deal with it. I went f2p because of how its been but I’m still playing because i have met alpt of good people i enjoy chatting with and i enjoy the game. Im just hoping they start fixing the screw ups.


If JWA was run by EA, the game be like…

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Someone personal wealth or life shouldn’t be used in an argument. No one cares how much money either of you make. This is a game related forum and it should stay game related. Its never cool to attack someone personally. Justin is actually an ok person, I’ve known him a very long time. He’s not bad he just doesn’t let people get away with doing things like this.


Youre a funny dude.