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Worst matchmaking ever

The title says it all.
Just battled this team

My team - currently @ 4880 trophies

I actually won, cause the guy didn’t know how to play or actually felt bad for me. And guess what, I earned 27 trophies.
Leaves me speechless.
@Ludia: Care to explain that???


I’m around 4600 trophies battling ones with 5000-5100 trophies and dinos to lvl 28 and 29, my 1 and only 1 highest is 26…they really need to fix this…I’m tired of losing constantly…

You don’t know how many trophies they had when they battled you, only their high score if you battled me it would show you my high score of almost 5100, where as yesterday I was down to 4600. My sons account with an average of 7 levels lower dinos was only 500 trophies away from me. we almost could get matched up together.
The arena is congested especially around estates and up. Trophies still count as part of the algorithm so you will start to fight several of these teams. And this will happen for months and months until it balances some. But part of that balance may mean some teams move down actually a lot of teams will move down. I battled 27 to 28 lvl dinos to 21 to 22 in same day. And I will bet we were all within a couple hundred trophies at the time of battle

I don’t like losing either. But I don’t mind if it’s against an opponent with a similar team who just played better than me.


True and I agree that it will take quite a while.
But what are the odds of that player dropping 600 trophies with that team?

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This is the team I’m working with…

While I would admit they shouldn’t have the potential to drop too much, after I dropped down from library I ran into several teams that were just as strong or stronger. Throw in bad team lineups against great counters, timeouts, etc, its possible.

I get alot of bad hands lately, funny thing, I’ve noticed I get dealt the same dinos 2 to 3x in a row, usually my lower ones…sometimes I just cant catch a break…lol

Although I don’t disagree match making is still broken, you have a spread of 8 levels in the dinosaurs on your team which is further unbalancing it.

Yikes, been trying to get the others up to level, but cant always find or get the dna needed for the others

The algorithm prob calculated you and him as being within the 200 “points” of each other.

My high score is 5384; I have gone on bad runs and/or been experimenting with new team members and have only just stayed in Aviary - so a gap of up to 800-900 trophies between high and current scores is certainly possible - you really can’t tell.

Well I did try it with a more balanced team for a while. Put the Diplo and Trago onto the bench and replaced them with LVL24 dinos. No change at all! So that’s that.
I would actually prefer to have matchmaking solely based on trophy count. Won’t be much fun for me for a while, but eventually it’ll even out.
BUT: the 27 trophies I got from that battle is just outright ridicoulous

Yeah I heard a few times that players who fought way weaker opponents lost on purpose.

I just faced a guy with a team that was stronger than mine. I just upgraded my Thor to lvl 26 and faced a team with two lvl 30s, on lvl 27 Thor and a lvl 27 Erlidom.

Well, first he seemed to let me win cuz he used basic attacks or swapped. But then, when it stood 2:2, he finally used his strongest attack and won. Lol. :joy:

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I hate it when they leave it until 2:x before putting on their over levelled over boosted Thor …


If you believe the guy doesn’t know how to play properly, then you’re already answering your own question.

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I actually don’t mind them giving me 2 kills. Helps me get dbi faster than 3-0. So if you are out there and see me if you throw me a few kills i appreciate it. But with the way things have been lately I expect to lose every match

Good point!

I used to hang around the high 4800s to high 4900s, sometimes breaking into 5K. Lately, I’ve been hanging in the low 4700s. I like it. My matches have been more fair compared to the lv 26+ I was facing before with my 17-22 team.

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I think the idea is to let you get a couple of kills so you can get your DBI.
I think it is generous of them.