Worst matchmaking system ever?

Can someone explain this???


you got into a new arena and you are fighting higher level guys. I usually fight bots, but I’ve been matched up against higher level people as well. you win some you lose some.

I’ve had the same thing happen. It’s just like oh yeah I totally stand a chance maybe this person internet will drop. Lol it’s frustrating

You’re wrong. I was at 750 before, but I dropped because of this, and this was a bot btw.

too many wins in a row will give you an over-leveled bot, it’s odd, brings you down a few points, then your next bot will be at your level or one below.

If they’re going to match us like this there should be a forfeit button…

Forfeit button would be nice.

I bounce back and forth between heartcoil deeps and vault of dragons, but the moment I hit vault of dragons I lose 95% of the time and drop right back.

Trying to get the brawl chest is a pain, because I know I need to lose 3 in dragons to drop me back where I have a chance.

When this happens to me, I look for the win of trying to take out one of them, i know I’m going to lose, but it makes it feel worth while when you take that one out.

I second the OP comment

Yah, I’m getting my butt kicked on a daily basis cause it keeps matching me up against harder opponents that I can’t beat! Then I keep losing those little token thingies… I don’t even know what they do?!

A tad irritated by the supposedly “random” hero selection. Moved into Arena 4 bracket yesterday. Acquired final hero last night, the barb, who levelled to 5 with initial gear awards. Doesn’t even have usable gear in 2 equipment slots. Ran 3 battles this morning, guess which hero was “randomly” selected for each of my 3 lineups? Yeah, that guy… So 3v4 vs L8/9 opponents… Managed to win 1st and 3rd (thx Death Ward!). Waiting on chest timer to see if his randomness continues…

I started playing this game a few days ago, and I already wish there was a forfeit button. When I draw a lopsided game I just tab out and do something else until the match is over. Please add a forfeit button.