Worst red chest Ever

The other day when PvP leagues reset and we all had 24 hour spell book I got a red Pvp chest (had been a month since I had seen one coincidentally at the previous PvP reset and 24hour spell book) I opened it and got

Gold seemed low had 2 rare cards that are only a small percentage stat increase. 12-15% health raika trinket and 12-15% Dmg increase to Pikel. No legendary.

And today I opened the Purple rally Chest and got.

Roughly the same amount of total cards actually the purple gave out a couple more Common. But it gave almost 2k more gold.

How is that possible? Pretty sure the red PvP chest was from Burntbone league cause I just got reset. I know I would be super dissatisfied if I had paid irl money for a red chest from the same league and gotten that bad of a chest. This games rewards make No sense. We used to almost always get a legendary from Purple Rally chest. Like 9/10 purple rally chests would give a legendary and now it’s like it has been reversed to 1-2 / 10 to get a legendary. And if Red chests that are supposed to give the highest rewards aren’t even giving what a Purple does what’s the Point??? Something seems way off.

they claim they have not changed red chests however the last several i have gotten have been very lacking. Its even worse now that we need SO MANY items to level things up. these chests need to have their loot adjusted based off your renown

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What may be happening is that the red chest was received from a battle at a certain league (lower level) and contains less gold/rewards than a “full” red chest like you’d buy in the store, one that used to be free in the quest, or one received at the highest league levels.

If you look at the red chest in the store here are the rewards: 10K-12K gold, 2000 cards, guaranteed 46 epic. So at a bare minimum the red chest within battles is nowhere near the same red chest as you receive when buying it/getting it in (now VIP only) quest.

A few weeks ago I got a red chest in battle too, and know for sure that it was 1-2K more in gold than yours shows, and it had more epics.

Either way that is one awful red chest, my condolences. Even if they’ve been tweaked to offer less, those specific pieces of gear just aren’t very helpful besides the common armor…

Despite initial denials from the developer it has been confirmed that the value of red chests have been drastically reduced. This reduction occurred 3 or 4 months ago but was initially unnoticed by most players. This was discussed in another thread (approximately one or two month ago). The legendary drop rate of red chests was decreased from approx. 50% to less than 15% with the other items decreased to nearly conform with the next lower chest. This is unfortunate for new players as many experienced players recall a time when the Legendary drop rate of red chests was 100%. Unfortunately, for many the red chests no longer offers intrinsic value.

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@Ludia_Developers it should feel good to Receive the “Highest Rarity” rewards. Red chests for Free players are almost non existent anymore. Dungeon master packs gone, replaced by Quest Pass Red chest…gone. So the only way we see them now are through PvP once in a blue moon and at the lower arenas the Red chests are less rewards than The purple Rally chests we see once a week… That Feels Terrible. With PvE completed the only sense of advancement is through Trying to climb PvP leagues to get better Rewards from Chests… But that only makes trying to complete any Events that are PvP for gear ridiculously harder cause of how your Highest trophies event matchmaking works coupled with your monthly reset of current trophies. So the only Incentive is the hope of getting the best chests Purples and Reds and when RNGebus finally blesses you with one the Rewards are worse than a weekly purple rally chest…
Purple and Red PvP chest drop rates need to be increased if the rewards are so little…Or the rewards need to be increased. Making the best possible rewards feel bad and not have any impact when PvP is the only real endgame makes it hard to want to play. Gear is now Endless. The Gap in Arena leagues just got wider. At this point there are more reasons to play something else than good reasons to continue.

I agree with the complaints about the inferior red chests now, and the fact that they’re even harder to obtain, it’s ridiculous.

But with that in mind…one point I’d like to make is if you’re relying on a single red chest once a month (when it used to be free) to make you more competitive in this game, the reality is it’s not going to do much in the grand scheme of things.

Yes it feels good to get a lot of loot at once, and to feel appreciated once in a while. Sure maybe you’ll get a single legendary or SH item (odds are it’ll be a garbage one anyway) - but even a single one isn’t going to do much. The real progression is in endlessly farming 13’s through 20’s in challenge mode - especially when there are good gear offerings. You then save up enough gold and gems to buy legendary items or SH gear independently. The red chests are now inferior, so never consider dumping 3000 gems in the store for one. You need to grind endless gear and buy items to make it far, not wait 2-3 months for one bad chest, which has a 10% chance of offering you a single legendary (that has a 90% chance of being useless itself).


Definitely not “relying” on once in a long while Red or purple chests. Just trying to say that rewards have been steadily diminishing and with PVE completed the only real incentive is to climb PvP leagues for better rewards and that those rewards have ended up being less than what is in a weekly Rally chest which feels terrible. I guess I should shut up before they just Lower all the Rally chest rewards too.

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You really can’t compare the battle chests to the “regular” chests. Even at the highest leagues the battle chests are basically a color behind. I really don’t understand why they use a similar color scheme between the two different types of chests.


A color change could also help the Feelsbadman kick.