Worst sale ever? Sarcorixis for 19.99

People will say. Oh my god. Not another Worst thing ever post. Oh wait. You are talking about Sarcorixis… Carry on.

200 Sarcorixis DNA plus an epic incubator is now available for purchase for 19.99 for a couple of days.

So in the past, many of us have spoken up about how Sarcorixis was the worst upgrade in the game from it’s component Einiasuchus and merging it with the park common Sarcosuchus.

Sarcorixis was recently revamped a little. They raised Sarcorixis speed by 1, took out the swap in with a shield ability, which was overvalued. Raised the armor to 25% They brought back attack and hitpoints to how they were supposed to be after the nerfing. Then, they reduced Greater stunning impact to Greater stunning strike (yeah I said reduced) However, they raised the typical first move of Ferocious Strike to Ferocious impact. They removed the useless pinning strike, and gave Sarcorixis a priority stun that immobilizes swappers for 2 turns.
Yet Einiasuchus got a slight buff of hitpoints and was given a new ability of decelerating strike.
Is Einiasuchus still as competitive as Sarcorixis?

Sarcorixis base 1300 First move is Ferocious impact (1950 for three turns) X1.5 =2925 damage. Opening attack.
Now if Sarcorixis was hit with a superior or decelerating 1 turn slow move, he can use the priority immobilize stun, to grab that speed back.
If not, it is Greater Stunning Strike for 1950 damage
Then an Armor piercing strike for 1x damage of 1950.

Einiasuchus base 1300. First move is Ferocious strike (1950 for three turns) 1950 damage.
Second move is Greater Stunning Impact for 2925 damage.

Decelerating Strike for 1x (another 1950)
Einiasuchus has a priority pulse that heals 25% and cleanses damage over time abilities.

Damage output is about the same for three turns, and that decelerating strike can control speed.

Head to head Sarcorixis is still the clear winner now due to move sets, 1 faster speed, and higher armor and hitpoints.

Now is this purchase worth it? Assuming you are in a competent alliance that has been raining Einiasuchus on you weekly, you have tons of that DNA.
So what are you really paying for? You are basically paying for enough common Sarcosuchus to raise up 200 Sarcorixis DNA. Based on a combine average of 22.5 that is about 9 combines or about 1800 Sarcosuchus DNA.
So if you think 19.99 for an epic incubator and 1800 Sarcosuchus park common DNA is worth it, than it might have value to you.