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Worst Spawn Migration, Ever


This by far the most worthless spawn migration I’ve ever seen since I started playing this game. Ludia has turned the Dino’s of worth, Common Rare & Epic alike, to rarely be seen but has plagued this game with the most worthless dinos in the game. Nobody cares about Diplocaulus, Irritator Gen2, Einiasaurus, Majunga, or Suchomimus, yet here they are infecting our gameplay. But something as simple as a Stegosaurus or Allosaurus or Parasaurolophus? Yeah now they’re either Day/Dawn/Dusk spawns that can only be found while people are working or are in school, or confined to parks. Ludia, THESE ARE BUILDING BLOCK DINOSAURS! Core ingredients. They shouldn’t be this difficult to find, especially be considered “commons”. Don’t even get me started on the gross depleted rate of Trex spawns, the core ingredient to what’s considered most folks’ first Legendary & Unique. But don’t worry, we have Baryonyx spreading like wildfire now.

To call this disgusting cycle of spawn rotation a “gross miscalculation” is an understatement to say the least, because there was zero rational thought put into this.


I have to agree, its bad enough when you get 40 supply drops on your screen, and only 5 dinos to dart.

Of course, just like you mentioned, their all trash “filler” dinos.

And why give Draco G2 such a great SIA? Why not give it to Draco? At least people take Draco to level 20.


Didnt saw a t rex since 1.5, guess my indo will be forever 29 and half and never 30 xd, and i feel the pain for those guys who try to level trykosaurus.
Right now if i dont have epic scent i rarely open the game


I disagree with Irritator 2 or suchomimus being useless, since they are ingredients for a very useful dino at the moment. For new players all those dinos would also be the most important to progress quickly up to the 4th-5th arena. So their abundance is justified from that point of view.

However they failed miserably to balance all the other dinos that are core ingredients. I agree with you.
Stegosaurus in parks? Fine, it’s nicer to play in a park than busy streets. But increase park spawns! There are too many species locked into parks, however parks have very few spawn points! It makes no sense…
Also T-rex and all the other epics have been reduced too harshly. T-rex is a core ingredient for at least four dinos that are meta defining and yet you get to see one a week if you’re very lucky…


I agree parks could work but don’t spawn enough. Probably need 4 times the spawning to be a thing. 2 hours in a park still unlikely to get a stegosaurus a few random dino spawns an hour just doesn’t produce.

Missing Postosucus as a global. Maybe that’s just me.

Put Irritator rare in the wild.


Completely agree. This migration is more like a hibernation. If they gave it SOME rational thought, Ludia would realize this migration hurts them just as much as it hurts us. If I’m collecting less dna, (or none for so many dinos) my need for coin has grind to a halt. No DNA, no reason to buy coin. Not the wisest business strategy.

If they think lowering wild DNA will get me to buy incubators, they’ve got another thing coming.


This migration is totally THE WORSE! They nerfed the spawn rates in general and mostly of all the most important ones (as described by the original poster). This looks like a greedy business strategy to force us all to buy scents or incubators for the ingredients we want. They entice us all with all good spawns at the beginning and now that we are so into the game now, they take them away to force us into spending more. Ludia has to fix this before all their players ( casual and hardcore ) willing to spend realize that this game has become a greedy scam and leave the game for good.


It really is the worst migration yet. Night hunting is almost a waste of time now. I get bored quick every night that i hunt. I can’t even decide what zone to use scent capsules anymore. I used to use most of them in L2, but who needs all that Einio popping up? I used to get anywhere from 3 to 10 T-rex a day, and now I’m lucky to find 1 or 2. Some days none.


I had 52k Irritator gen 2 DNA before it showed up in the wild. I’d rather not see it in the wild at all. And suchomimus has been out for months. It didn’t need a spawn increase to bump it up to its current plague status.


Definitely as a day 1 player, I find the immense change in spawn rates extremely detrimental for all players and the game itself.

My friend has not seen a T-Rex since 1.5 and cannot create his Indoraptor.

Same goes for very important epics such as Ouran (after patch 1.3), Sino, Kentro, Ankylo. Since the beginning, all these are extremely rare to the point people are even questioning their existence!

It’s not about being lazy and not going out there to hunt but when I am in the areas that these epics are supposed to spawn in… zilch!

Just like the others here have mentioned, if we acquired dna and can create the desired dinos, this can spur people to spend on coins. But I think it’s very obvious and damn disgusting that the mechanics are pushing us towards incubators which are a virtual casino! :expressionless:


I completely disagree with the OP.

Ludia may well want people to stop progressing so quickly. Making all the ingredients for high level dinos harder to come across is a wise decision that will extend the lifespan of their game.

Therefore they buffed the components of beginner friendly hybrids. Sure us higher level players don’t need them anymore, but they’re not catering to us, they’re catering to their much larger audience in the lower arenas. I think it’s silly to say that there was no rational thought put into this.

Personally I like to play more in parks than in the city, but maybe that’s just me. Having park spawns me so much better is a godsend, they were terrible before. But I agree that parks could use more spawn points.

C’mon OP, you have a level 30 Tryostronix. Of course you’re not gonna benefit from increased Baryonyx. But for many players, Tryos was a hard to level vital component of endgame teams. Many more will appreciate the increased spawns than be annoyed by it


Or maybe look at it from the point of view that if it all stayed the same then it would get boring. Migrations keep things interesting and fresh. It might not be a perfect mix for everyone but it makes sense to do it periodically.


1.5 while it has it’s problems, it’s far from the worst migration. As bad as anyone might think 1.5’s spawns are, it doesn’t hold a candle to post 1.2-pre 1.3 interpatch migration for these reasons:

  1. Spawn rates overall has increased
  2. Epic Spawns, specifically Local Epic rates has increased more than 5 times 1.2’s rates
  3. 1.5’s Rex did have it’s rates split with Bary and Brachi, but Bary at least has a hybrid. 1.2’s global epics, Rex, Ourano, Koola and Concav only rex had a hybrid, daytime splits are 33% with hybrids, 66% without, nighttime is 25% with hybrid and 75% without.
  4. Local 4 only had 2 Epics, which were Secodonto and Spino Gen 2, which till this day, still don’t have hybrids.
  5. Parks had night time only dinos, which were extremely inaccessible.
  6. Parks had Bary and Kentro, which were important hybrid components and with the spawn rates of parks, and the initial esd park spawn issues, they were EXTREMELY hard to obtain.
  7. 1.5 had way better global rares than 1.2
  8. Locals had night exclusives.
  9. Each local Rare Hybrid-Non Hybrid ratio was 1:3

Although there could be improvements to 1.5’s spawns, like maybe having day/dawn/dusk dinos extend to day/dawn/dusk/night, or even if they wanted to, decrease their night weight, but still make them spawnable, 1.5 is no where near as close to 1.2, pre interpatch migration, or post.


I personally don’t mind the repetitive common spawns. There aren’t many commons I dart anyways.

The zone 3 (and to a lesser extent 4) curse had to end though and Ludia failed to deliver. I don’t see how it’s fair when most endgame dino components are cluttered in zones 1 and 2.

The day-only spawn problem that the OP addressed is also taking a heavy toll. It’s dusk here before 3 PM already and the only useful dinos I can try to hunt after that are sino and ourano.


Night Hunt is completely worthless right now, Trex has become a unicorn and the only epics i find are bary and koola and common spawns are the worst ever.
GJ ludia


Exactly! Dino spawns have reached a new low. Since launch of 1.5, today i have seen an epic t rex for the first time! Its so rare now, that i actually forgot how to dart him: i only got 50 dna :-(. The game is slowly dying and Ludia doesnt care it seems, which makes me sad.


Increase the spawn rates of Dinos
Increase the spawn SPOTS of Dinos . No more desert around us


If they don’t nerf the spawn rate, then the arenas will be swarmed by Stegod, Tragod and the likes I suppose.

So now things are more balanced like most said.

So again, Kudos to the Devs…:+1::clap:


The game is not as addictive anymore.

The spawns aren’t as good so I’ve started playing Pokémon Go again.

I loved the thrill of the hunt in 1.4… the new update 1.5 killed it. It’s not as fun.


Agreed 100%.

Ludia, if you’re listening: remember this is a game. It’s meant to be fun. These awful new spawns are anything but fun. Wanna keep your players around to keep spending money? Keep them entertained. More DNA collected means more happy players and more players buying coins to level up dinos (same goes for increasing fusing rates, but thats another topic). Winter is here, people will be playing less…and THIS is when you decide to make spawns worse? Seriously might be time to rehire your marketing director.