Worst team ever

I think my team is the worst to have broken 5k trophies… Currently battling against teams comprising 2-3 uniques. Have only unlocked Indoraptor and do not anticipate creating any more uniques in the foreseeable future, even though: I have VIP membership; I have been buying OTO level-up incubators from levels 12 to 20; I complete all strike events; I grind daily, visiting several spawn zones on weekends… What am I doing wrong?


I don’t see anything seriously wrong with that team at all. What is holding you back? Coins, DNA, or both? And if you wanted to go for Rinex why overlevel UtahS?


DNA is holding me back… My Dracorex is still level 15, so pumping coins and DNA into Utasino to try and be competitive. Appreciate the feedback, cause feeling kinda underwhelmed at the moment.

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Same here… I’m confused

I think it’s on average.

My team still doesn’t have an unique Dino and managed to reach 4300… My beloved bottleneck of players from 4100 to 4300 is really frustrating (my team is most made of 18-20 Dinos and a 22 Deus).

I’m not going to say “wow, you seem to use a really good strategy”.

this is an overleveled humblebrag.

Not looking for “wow, really good strategy”… I know that I am where I am, partly because of good RNG…I go up and down a lot and have been playing this game long enough to understand that strategy alone, with a mediocre team, will get you only so far… I just don’t understand why people several levels lower than me, have so many uniques on their teams… Seems so far-fetched to me…

Your team is a beast compared to mine! yesterday I arrived at 4960 (it is true, I did not reach 5000) with a team of average less than 23 while yours is higher than 24.5. Specifically, my team was

Stegodeus of 26 (same as yours)
Tragodist of 24 (yours is 25)
Indoraptor of 24 (yours is 25)
Indominus of 20 (yours is 21)
Tholorodosauro of 21 (something better than your urasinoraptor of 21)
Tryostonix of 22 (less than a gorgosuchus of 25)
Spinotasuchis of 21 (lower than suchotator of 27)
Stegoceratops of 23 (not to be evaluated if inferior or not to allosauro of 27)

Interestingly, after evolving the Thor to 22 and the Tryostonix to 23 I began to lose battles, and lose and lose until I reach 4580. Now I am at 4698. But it was nice to be in the elite a few hours and win a top 400; )

Anyway, congratulations to decide for a team with common and epic!


Good point! You hit it spot on! Over-leveled, obviously for some reason… You think I would be spending coins over-leveling Allosaurus and Suchotator, if I could be fusing uniques?

No, my team is similar and I’ve been as high as 5,105 (currently < 5,000). At this level, you see teams with several uniques but also quite a few who have only Indoraptor. Like you I have limited access to needed DNA and it’ll be a while until I get my second unique (probably Urarinex).

So I’m using good dinos I can level (Suchotator, Stegodeus, Tragodistis) and learnig how to defeat the uniques I’m encountering. But I understand… sometimes I wonder if I can keep up with so many players apparantly having easier access to uniques.



When I hit 5000 before the 1.5 patch lands, my team is much worse than yours. Only trago and stegod are lv 26, and rest are below 22. Even now I’m battling with 2 lv 20 Dinos above 5100.

Team is fine, as long as the dino itself isn’t bad and have the levels, it will function well. In the current patch I do suggest to balance your team so that one or two of your dinos are not too underleveled, I am about to do the same but currently I haven’t found a good replacement to my lv20 monomimus and lv20 IRex


your team is good and worthy of that trophy count. dont sell yourself short. if anything, you only need to replace one or two dinos since you are already covering so many needs. if you add a diloracherius and tryko you are set.


Tryko! Really wish I could get that beast on my team!

This. I would add that a patient saving towards other dinos will also likely pay off. Your team is up there in levels so even getting an impressive unique would often still require a lot of patience to get it where it can really produce closer to average team level. With that being the case I would work hard on building that DNA but excersise a LOT of patience before creating and leveling unless you can get it in that range. I did this in the 1.3 patch (I think) and it was torturously hard. However once I understood the new meta I spent confidently and quickly and found myself ahead of the game with less backtracking than some others had to do. Also keep in mind that at your station between events and towers throwing out large amounts of DNA now a days, folks will start catching you level wise and that will put pressure on you to jump the gun and make patch fixes. Try to resist that imo.


For now a unique like Rinex, Dilorach, or Tryko would be good trades for Indom or UtahS depending on which ones. But I would stop over leveling those two right away. The only wasted DNA is DNA spent prematurely. It has no expiration date but is non refundable, and the coins aren’t either.

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That is some great advice! Many thanksl @JHVS!

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yeah. its easy to give up on a unique that you are missing an ingredient for, like i did with tryko… i couldve probably had a good leveled tryko by now if i saved all my ingredients when i finally got them. great advice @JHVS


asume that’s not a mediocre team and that you are that high because of both strategy and team.
If you hadn’t spent so much amount of coins and DNA on that Alosaurus you would probably be even higher cause you could now have a high level Alosino or it’s Unique hybrid thordosaurio (or whatever it is spelled).