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Worst thing about RNG


Crazy RNG is a big problem in this game for most of us, but what is the worst thing about it for you? I’ve selected five things that I’ve seen players complain about the most. So, let’s vote:

  • Random four dinos team
  • Critical hits (getting a lot or never working at all)
  • Cloak and Evasive Stance
  • Stuns (working too much or too little)
  • Creating 10 DNA multiple times in fusions

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Crits make sense to me. Can swing a game. I have no issues here.

Stuns, otoh, are far too reliant on landing to make the move work. So many lost games to stuns not landing. No dino depends on crit quite like dinos depend on stuns.


you should add incubator rng. thats the worst!!


Really hard to pick between evasion and team randomization. The former completely ruins any fun I have in the game by reducing the whole match to a 50/50 coin toss, and the latter makes no sense to me; JWA is the only game to do this and it just kills any hope of strategic, synergetic team building.

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About the second thing, random team, I disagree with you. I think it’s the fun part, to be able to make a good match out of what you get.

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10 DNA fusions are the absolute worst, especially on uniques. Uniques should have a minimum of 20 per fusion, especially hard to create ones like Magna. I had 5 10s out of 7 fuses on Magna 2 days back and it was so demotivating, so horrible.

I can deal with crits and stuns and dodges, have gotten used to having bad runs and bad RNG with stuns and crits, but 10 fuses are the absolute worst.


No other game of this kind forces you to randomize your team before a battle, and for good reason; your choice in team composition should have considerable weight in determining your success, as well as your ability to use your team effectively. It also leads to creative team building and varied gameplay; if you can make an unorthodox strategy work with unusual choices for your team you should go for it. None of this is possible in JWA, where there are over 60 possible team compositions. So people just throw their 8 strongest dinos together, usually whichever ones they can get to a high level or whichever ones have access to the OP rng abilities, regardless of how well they synergise with each other.

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I’ve lost count of how many times I had Indominus vs Indominus as the last dinos… So, basically my opponent and I went through a clash of strategies and in the end it’s all decided in a coin toss… pathetic really…

Someone may say “if it’s pathetic, why do YOU do it too??” Well exactly because if you don’t have a nullifier, the only thing you can do is depend on luck with same annoying cloak move…


I don’t dislike the random team… I actually like it too. But I’ve seen many complaining.

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I think teams should be random but follow a protocol. 1 tank, 1 or 2 dps, and 1 or 2 utility dinos. We should be able to set roles. But the RNG on evasion sucks. Fought a 24 indo tonight that dodged 9 times in a row. Everytime they got to the point their evasion wore off would be the hit that killed my dino. That’s not RNG thats crap!