Worst things that ever happended to you while playing

Just post horrible stuff that’s happened to you here, 6 dna on allo gen 2 (my drone stopped)


Scary stuff going on there.


When I logged in all excited due to the arrival of a new patch, all the excitement and hype for new things…that patch was 1.7.

Another one was when I darted Indoraptor for the first time ever, I got a 99 forever tainting it with the dreaded xx9 lol, I swore the next time id get that extra 1 back…but I darted 99 again…and then it became xx8 =/

Worst I had while playing JWA: dad calling during a tournament when it was mere minutes away from ending. Of course that made the game unresponsive, as usual.


That’s why you should never go to these places with these tipe of games, your life is more worth than any exclusive pixel from a greedy company that won’t care a bit if you got killed while playing their game, i can’t comand you life but plz pass on next time situations like this happen, there will always be another event for these creatures


It was definitely a stupid decision on my part, and I’m definitely not going back there ever again, but part of the reason I went there is because while I’ve always known that something like this could have always happened, in the 20+ times I’ve been there, nothing ever has. Definitely a very stupid decision on my part, and one that could have cost me my life. I’ve learned my lesson, and I definitely won’t make a stupid decision like that one again.


I was in Dubai attempting to steal a really expensive car from a prince having a party to get a device called gods eye. My whole crew was there. My really strong friend was able to hold up the car while I got the device! Unfortunately the guards found out and a big fight ensued and we were trapped so I decided to crash the car from building to building to building 85 stories high!

Oh! At the same time I was hunting a TRex!

It was a very Fast and Furious situation


I was gonna get a full atempt on alloraptor then when I was going to tap on it my phone lagged and it responded after I passed the alloraptor


On the last day of the Boa event, I saw a epic that wasn’t too far, and guess which epic it was? Titanoboa! I was so happy to see my first wild boa in the event, I was getting ready but unfortunately, when I finished getting ready… it despawned. Sad and devastated. :sob: :pensive:


In a battle, I had everything to win, however, I clicked the wrong button and ended up losing the battle. :sweat_smile::rofl:

Me and my wife went out the other night to look for the elusive Titanboa. Got a babysitter and everything and set off for an evening of JWA hunting.

Anyway, after 2 fruitless hours of driving around and no sightings, my wife said she thought a popular viewpoint car park may be a good place to look.

Off we went, got there, pulled up and turned the interior light on. Got comfortable, and even though it was quite chilly we decided it might be a good idea to set off an epic scent and walk around for a bit.

Well we got out of the car and oh my days!
There was a crowd of guys hanging around our car, all ages and they seemed very interested in what we were doing.

I said we were playing a dinosaur game and we were looking for an elusive snake. To which a lot of sniggering and nudging went on. Then a police car pulled up and every one of the men suddenly disappeared.

The police officers get out of their car and tell me and my wife to get in the back of their car. I say what for, we are only looking for an epic snake and they just tut, asking me to produce my documents. By now I’m pretty perplexed but we sit in their car and they tell us the place we are at is renowned for activities that certain people partake in, and being a couple, the men were expecting something a bit different to dinosaur hunting!

When we showed them our phones and the game, they said it might be wise to look elsewhere and we quickly got back into our car and drove away. And we sure didn’t park up at any more car parks in the countryside again after that experience!


“I’m just trying to give my wife an epic snake for Valentines Day, officer!” :smirk:


Apollo decided to trip me one day while i was hunting, I twisted my ankle and face planted In a pile of mud.

Doing a Mutual Fury as a first move against the Rat. Let’s just say my Indo got smoked by one rampage.

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Ok setting aside all glitches like not being able to log in frozen at 17 and missing a darwin or 2 lol.

I guess my biggest mistake is when I accidentally leveled Alanqa to 16 and Monomimus to 22 then it got nerfed and a hybrid.

To name a few…


mmm, hard to chose one.

let me see… have multiple consecutive suddenly defeats?

or maybe be fooled accept aviary unlock incubator offer, spend the money and get all trash dna?

or maybe upgrade my team and lost 700 trophies with that first versions of team-score matchmaker…

hard to decide. :laughing:


Those cops just wanted all the spawns to themselves =(

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I think the mistake I’ve made is rushing to level 20. I would level up trash commons and rares past their hybrid level just for the extra XP. I imagine all the coins I would have if I had kept everything at their hybrid starting point :expressionless: