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Worst tournament experience

Try not to take hideous thing on this game, but how is this tournament enjoyable? In half an hour you just couldn’t nail a win, but more like an social experiment to spot those dishonored minds from player base. (Kudos to you megaloceros)

Person like this spamming emote while waiting the timer count to 0. I have to wonder, don’t you have feature for reporting misbehaving players @Ned


This is why I turned emojis off…


Ok here goes the skilled blurring :slight_smile:
How will it be solved if you flag an issue over and over?

Had this happened once. Tried to win it swapping to Amarga. Timeout notification came one shot before I would win.

With all the creatures that have dig in or regeneration moves as part of their kit, this is happening way too often.

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That player has also spammed emoji’s while I was battling them. Two tournaments ago. I’ve since disabled them.

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If ludia aim to extend the battle, fine, give out more designs like megaloceros. But why on earth let their stalemate mechanic remain unchanged? I have one more reason on top of millions to believe they have no clue what they should be doing.

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Not the emote’s fault. I have had much more better gaming experience during battles since this feature is out. It’s some people who used that in malicious attempts that caused discontent. Ugly-minded even their smile won’t look much different.

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Instead of introducing useless “features” like emotes, blood, and snow on the map (that’s still there along with the Christmas ribbons on the supply drops-in January!), how about they actually FIX THE BUGS in the game. Don’t lie to us and claim that they’ve fixed hundreds of bugs every patch. Just FIX them!


Indeed there’s been new bugs just like every previous update did. We’ve got better connectivity and the return of park scents but yeah. Every update comes with quite some potential.

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Couldn’t have said it better deepwrinkle.

Maybe now they’ve had a couple of weeks off, and with all the money from selling boosts every day for a month, they might employ a dev that knows how to do the job and get all the bugs fixed?

But then again this is Ludia, who come back from a 2 week holiday and sell over $1,380 of unique dna to gullible players with more money than sense.

Why bother fixing issues that don’t generate any cash when you can keep selling stuff like this?

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Yeah if that’s possible to do, it’s beyond BS…

I find it interesting that the person who is complaining about someone spamming emotes is the same one who got me to turn them off.

I get it buddy, your team beats mine 9 out of 10 battles. Your team is sinply better than mine. Is there really a need to spam me with your boring emote? You know you are going to win our matchup, can you please just take the win without the boring emotes?

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Indeed if youre gonna cry over a little bit of healthy bm, idk what to tell you, this game has waaay bigger problems than ” emote spamming, i myself enjoy it, it spices things up😝, if you don’t, well there is an option to turn them of

Indeed sick blurring skills there​:joy::+1:, dw i can take the heat from letting one battle drag on to a time out(prob was a 10 min battle anyways that i took to a time out) , the other 15-20 time outs i had this tourn was simply because of the creatures every1 had , no1 could kill the other with all these heals and shields, as im sure everyone who participated know all to well.

A simple fix would be a “sudden death” type of set up. Where the countdown would start when you are close to timing out and the next takedown wins. If neither get the takedown, then both lose


Here comes the loopsie :man_shrugging: . You know what you did. Spamming as much emote as you possibly can against me, like I will care. But if you don’t care to confess yourself waiting the timer down to 0 every single round to deliberately trigger a time-out, you may as well pretend didn’t see this post, like you’re so innocent?

Indeed , something like that would be a good feature, prob won’t happen tho as most good ideas around here are ignored, good god was this a boring tournament in that regard

Every single round? I prob had you in like 5 to 10 battles, did you see how i played the rest of my tons of battles this tournament? Didnt think so bud, and once again if ”you dont care about my emote spamming” as you called it, why even bothet commenting on it? Kinda says you do😉

Let’s keep things civil and refrain from making personal attacks.