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Worst Tournament in Months

Legendaries set a default 26 this weekend has been the absolute worst tournament I’ve played in months. Phoru is broken and 5 of the other 7 on what should be everyone’s team has swap in moves which is beyond frustrating. I pray that Ludia keeps legendaries out of future default 26 tournys. If I see another swap in strike, stun, dodge, dig in, swap out, bellow, dig in, strike, stun my mind gonna explode. Obviously since I’m on here complaining means I’m done playing in it. Next week shouldn’t be as bad …I hope!

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I feel your pain - even though I was having to use Phora.

I made a count and 80% of the time I was either stunned or my stun failed. Let’s get a tournament where you have to use skill - so no creatures with swap in strikes / stun abilities or instant rampages.

It is a very frustrating tournament - especially with the speed ties as @qaw mentioned in another post.

I hit 1000 points and have quit too.

next week there will be an advantage tournament, so you won’t be happy…

Sometimes it makes no difference. When it comes to speed ties it’s and advantage tourney anyway.

I quit after the takedowns I’ll do the same next week .

There is quite a bit of variety. Phor is wrecked by stegod, ardont, and carboto. I have seen so many different legendaries that it’s one of the best in a while. Grylenken, stegodeus, Allo, lopho, try, tarkus, and even monomimus

If you want to deal with swappers, try grylenken. No escape works like a beauty.

This has been one of my best tourneys amazing.

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Grylenken on tourney is basically just a worst phoru

With no escape and resists distraction. I know it’s worse, but it’s still good and usually prevents phora from swapping in.

I hate this tournament as well.

he literaly just have to wait his turn to play and kill grylenken without any risks.

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you are not alone, this was also my worst performance since tournaments started

Yeah mammo need a nerf on the heal
Phoru need a nerf in attack
monolometrodon need a nerf on damage aswell.
But because everyone use the same dinos.
I discover some which are really nice:
Ankyntro is really useful and nice!
It became a really good tank.
Nodopatotitan has been buffed and with all his immunities start to get better.
He still lack power but if the opponent don’t pierce shields and armor,he is really strong.

Ankyntro you cant use, ankytro cant beat a Monosteg or an Mammo.
And if you swap ankytro when phoru is on the field opponent switch them out for a draco or mono.

you won’t beat a mammo.
But it destroy phoru,beat some of the tanks.
It just struggle against mammo,ardonto and monolo.

I will agree the constant swapping is pretty frustrating, it feels a little skill-less to see players rely on it so heavily. It makes it worse the worst offenders have swap prevention immunity for some reason.

Phorusaura is fine in the normal arena, but in tournaments it’s always been broken. 2.0 made it worse with an added stun resistance and reupped damage. It’s pretty much a free swap-> 6K damage(IR+R&R)-> Dracorat/Monosteg. Nothing can withstand that cycle. The only thing you can do is hope it’s within swap-in kill range yourself.

Otherwise the tournament isn’t that bad. It’s nice seeing Alloraptors, Dilorano, Nodotitan, Spinotah, etc. Matches are diverse about 70% of the time. I hoped to see Edaphocevia since I haven’t made it yet, but I haven’t as of yet.

Next week is Advantage so I’d recommend running in the other direction for that one lol.

Hopefully in the future Phorusaura follows the old pattern of getting an Unique and then getting it’s stats nuked.

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I’m not saying grylenken is a must, but it’s something to consider if swappers are giving you trouble

i try to use edaphocevia ,he is not so bad but he have hard time with all those phorusaura.