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Worst Tournament Yet?

Yeah, this is an awful tournament.

Battles are simply decided on who has the best Proceratomimus.

I think this is Procerat’s swansong; a way for Ludia to get people to invest in boosts for Procerat, before promptly nerfing it.
They did the very same with Dracoceratops.

(PS: nice job deleting the other thread mods!)


can’t agree more.


So don’t play.

Personally, I love this tournament. Last week we had a speed tie tournament. This week we get boosts. It’s a back and forth. The game isn’t designed to keep only you happy. There are plenty of people out there that love these advantage tournaments, and we like it when we get them.

So either stop whining or take the weekend off from the tournament.


Well, when you have a full team of max boosted level 30 epics that is…
I may have said this before, but would you rather get swept by some crazy boosted dino in an advantage tourney (can’t stand a chance) or have a speedtie in a skill tourney, where you probably won’t get swept by that dino that has a speedtie vs you? (depends on dino but usually stands a chance)
Take my advice from someone who has been #1 in skill tourneys 4 times (me.)


Speed tie tourney? What a joke. Then who plays in advantage? Who has less skill and strategies and depend on broken boosts to survive in the arena…


Just join an alliance that uses alt tricks and avoid the headache of actually needing to earn points the intended way. :laughing:


And some of us are not willing to empty our wallets to indulge ourselves in this crap.


Advantage tournaments are fine… But not when one creature is far more OP than the others.

Procerat has received countless complaints about being OP compared to others in it’s range. There’s no excuse - according to Ludia, they’ve been looking at battle logs, so they know full well that it’s been beating uniques and legendaries with ease. Yet they deliberately chose to do nothing about it.

Yeah, I’ll take broken speed ties over boosted broken dinos any day. At least speed ties only result in one dino going down, rather than the entire team.


Yeah that’s the whole point… Just like pvp…


Hey Ludia, can you please nerf Carbonemys again?
The whole Proceratos can’t oneshoot it!
Thats very annoying!!!


are you being sarcastic? or do you actually mean that? cause carbo got nerfed to the point where it can actually get killed by one :expressionless:


Just wondering… If I battle on the final day, do you think I’ll escape the Procerats? Every battle I seem to be getting matched up against them and it’s quite literally impossible to win with my team.

For a 50/50 chance of getting picked, they sure do end up on a lot of teams…


more like 100/50 chance of being picked. Every single match I have fought one so far

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same. :disappointed:

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Oh don’t forget I lost -39 to it too, and won +25 the next match… makes it harder to get back up…

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I threw a speed boost on Procera and actually got priority on a few.
Yeah this particular tourney sucks pretty bad for most players, but you got to look at the end result.
Get those 10 takedowns and bugout.
The next tourney may be where you shine and everyone else thinks it sucks.
You gotta embrace the suck.

EDIT: Why was the other thread deleted!? LOL


i can’t even increase my high score in this one. :rofl:
have yet to increase past 700 starting trophies.

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Me either.
My saving grace?
Nublar points. LOL

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Any tournament where people are basically forced to over level and put boosts onto a non-super hybrid (aka today’s Monomimus) where there is a HIGH likelihood for a (deserved) nerf to make way for the super hybrid version so that people must double down and do the same thing all over again, well there are lots of ways to describe such a thing…


Well, actually they did something. They nerf some of the damned Yoshi’s few rivals (Ardentis for example).

Regarding if it is the worst tournament? well actually there have already been a few others similar. At the time the legendary advantage tournaments with the goat and more recently the legendary advantage tournaments with the Indo2.

The worst of all is that then both Yoshi and Indo2 can participate in the uniques advantage tournaments, so those who decided to evolve these two nightmares with power far greater than they should have options in all tournaments while the rest do not. But it doesn’t matter repeating it over and over again. Ludia cares little for the anger of the great mass of her players, even if it is difficult to understand.

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