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Worth buying an epic incubator this week?

Considering the event dinos are excellent this week and that I have the cash, weighed against the incubators traditionally giving garbage DNA…is it worth buying one, or hoarding my cash for a coin sale?

Coin sale or epic scents

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If you can use all 3 epics I would say yes, but if you will be disappointed by getting bary instead of sino or t rex then don’t do it. I had a shopping spree at the market for my birthday yesterday and I usually never buy them.

Your chance of getting those event epic dna might be higher…but always be prepared to be dissapointed, as you also cohld get a bunch of baryonix, which you probably already have thousands of. Good luck and let us know what you get :slight_smile:

All 3 would be super useful, since I never see any of them. (And I mean game cash, I still can’t bring myself to spend real money on the game, tempted as I often am.) I’ll have a think… :thinking:

The one with equal value dino bucks is a better deal. You get the coins and DNA free.

It never is! Buying any incubator is like betting against a rigged roulette.

That’s what keeps niggling me, even though in this instance it seems unlikely to waver from the event dinos, given they were voted rather than thematic.

It was all event dinos that I got :slightly_smiling_face:

I bought one from current event and got 201 Sino and rest T-Rex so was good for me. If I have gotten Bary then I would be sad as I already have MAX 20K bary DNA

I caved, first time ever buying anything with real money in this game, and I’m pretty okay with it. Would have prefered Dimetrodon to Spino, since Spinos spawn all the time for me. Even so, it will all come in useful. Definitely means I don’t need to dart any Barys this weekend.

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