Worth it or no?

Is it worth it to purchase this incubator? I rarely ever purchase anything within the game as the prices are ridiculous but 11k in dna is rather tempting. Did anyone purchase it, if so what Dino’s did you get from it?

They’ve got to be a lot better than the normal incubators since the :dna: is specific and for the most part useful. Just depends on your budget and what it’s worth to you.

If you have the bucks maybe … but I wouldn’t spend real money to get them

Well based off of personal experience maybe not rly worth it. I didn’t get that premium incubator but I got some of the rares hoping to get velociraptor dna. Didn’t get any. It’s a bit of a gamble but if you like all of the Dino’s from the terror event then go for it. But if there isn’t a handful that you want in particular than prob not.

In this game the general rule of thumb is pay for coins, not DNA. So having said that, id say No…its not worth it!

Remember you could get garbage DNA and totally regret it afterwards!

I bought an epic incubator once when I was new to the game, was totally worthless the stuff I got and I never bought one again and never will unless it actually said that it was going to have Sino or Mono or something, and lots of it!
However since they won’t then I won’t!