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Worth it to upgrade all items?

Question for the high level people:
I’m currently Lvl 7 for most of my characters, am fully F2P

Seems like I’m reaching a limit in terms of trying to level up by upgrading items

Wondering if I should upgrade the common stuff too just for the sake of Exp? Even though I don’t use them any longer. Seems a bit of a waste of money.


I haven’t done that yet, because of gold. In-game currency has become more rare if you don’t sell items since the last update, so I wouldn’t want to throw it out the window just like that. The differences between levelling up is only a 2% increase on all stats for your character iirc, so leveling character is less critical than leveling the gear you want. Some commons could have better/more desired effects than some rares/epics, so for those upgrading might be worthwhile.
A common lvl 16 is equally strong than a legendary lvl 4, epic lvl8 and rare lvl12, so the effect is the primary thing to look at imo (especially for the higher levels. In lower levels the power difference can be too big to ignore, but you get my point)
It could be worth it if you are to open up an interesting item at a higher level.

But that’s just my opinion, I believe there are people saying “upgrade all you can”

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Some rare times I find more useful in PVP than anything else. I’m glad I upgraded them beforehand. :sweat_smile:

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That’s how I jumped up in levels, realized that even upgrading gear I don’t use gave a lot of xp.

For PvP I find all the useful bonuses are Legendary or Epic. That said I upgrade what I am using on the characters I am using. When I have extra gold I go back and pick up the others for the experience. I never sell cards. In the long run, you will eventually max everything, and once you get past level 9 and are using Legendary items the times when you have to drop a lot of coin for an upgrade and level up are much less so you can accumulate gold quicker. Also the reward chests pay out better too.

You want to upgrade everything eventually to get your characters up and hit new renown. Getting equipment packs from renown is the most reliable way of getting legendaries as a f2p.
If gold is an issue, you can obviously wait (and sell cards in durnans store). But sooner or later, you’re gonna upgrade those cards too.