Worth statues

Hi there everybody. I got a question for the community of RoB, and it’s something that has been bordering me for a while. Is there any statue (other than the seasonal ones) worth to buy? Let’s forget about the ones necessary for the Legendary Dragon to be unlocked, is there any other that made a difference in your playing experience?

Thanks a lot to everyone in advance :slight_smile:

The one that can decrease training time and the one that can prevent enemy evasion.


I guess it depends. If you pursue stable gather of resources, the one that decreases resources per dragon training the best cause 90% of fish and wood is going to train dragongs while the remaining 10% goes to journey and minor tasks.

The dragon statues that helps to increase the percantage of gathered resources is of the best as well. In case if you want to get this one, you have to first look through your dragons and decided does it worth to buy particular statue cause if your dragons earns in average 4 to 6 M/Fish or Wood with the max lvl I think it does not worth it. Why? The reason is that the statue gives boost in percentage% so those dragons that have at least 11.3 M/Fish or Wood in max lvl benefits a lot comparing to those that beneath the 6M. And last but not least to have dragons of the same species is also would increase the worthiness of the statue, the reason is pretty obvious.

If there is someone who have something to say about my thoughts, I would be glad to hear you out, is it right or wrong, lets share some knowledge, thanks

Thanks to both of you. The Evasion statue feels interesting, because of the Gauntlets more than the Brawl thing… Saving time in training could be a really nice choice too. (Thx @Wodensfang)

On the other hand, @Mashrab, totally agree with you. It’s more important to check the top stats of the dragons and how many of them you have so the best is squeezed. I already have three lvl5 dragon-gathering-improving statues, and another one on lvl2, but I find the cost of upgrading them to the max pretty annoying compared to the “reward” you get when maxed. I have a couple of 22m/h wood gatherer and similar with the fish, so my “income” is already quite brutal. That’s why I was asking for your help, to check if there is any OP feature somewhere I’m missing and I should get ASAP ^^u

Gotcha -_- Just by reding I think you are miles ahead of us) If topic is going about OP statues even if there is one its known only to high LVLed players. But after your created topic I was going through statues time and time again but for no avail@-@. Found nothing that could boost the gaming progress.

P.S. Only left to wait for developers to add something new, something out of ordinary, but the only thing they added is resource gathering statue that costs over 8k runes–_--

As noted… definitely Heroic Precision. I suspect they made dodging so annoying specifically to force players to buy that. Mind, brawl is still an utter turd, but that statue is worth it just for the decreased aggravation.

Obviously, you also need three dragon statues; it makes sense to plan which ones you are going to upgrade based on what dragons you expect to have eventually, not which ones you have now. To that end, I have triple stryke, hideous zippleback, and I really want a ripwrecker, darn it. Now that I have Goldrush, however, I’m reconsidering if armorwing would be “good enough”. (Also, I’m at the point where I’m having trouble spending the wood/fish/iron I gather, so…)

If I had extra amber (remember you need 1350 for Shellfire), I might get the training statue or the one that reduces the number of KO’s to get a chief pack.

Armor wing IS the one you want! Farming those Liberated Haulmauler is the best we can focus on. I already have a bunch of them and it’s so sweet to keep them busy filling up my storages :slight_smile: (https://riseofberk.fandom.com/wiki/Liberated_Haulmauler) [Armorwing]

Eh, LH is still only about 70% of Bargemine… and did I mention I have enough gathering? I’m at the point I try to avoid too many duplicate dragons, because I’d rather focus on having as many different dragons as possible. (394/549, for now…)

A dragon species statue gets high value if you either have 2-3 dragons of that species as your active collectors or at least a single one with particular high collecting numbers. Having both on the same species is a pure win win. I have 2 candy&cane zippers and their statue for collecting fish (the higher boosted resource on both dragon and statue) and they already break over 22 million per hour on lvl 124 and statue level 2. These numbers will just go up even further with coming levels. Though I wish for two particular species statues not yet in the game as those would allow me to boost 7 wood collectors with just two statues.

Which two?

Personally, I’m comfortable with my wood collection, but if you need to up your game there, armorwing and triple stryke are probably the way to go with what’s currently available.

Also, I forgot the other reason I don’t want to go level 5 armorwing statue is because that boosts wood more than fish. I want a ripwrecker statue because I’m more interested in improving my fish collection.

Windgnasher and Prickleboggle. I got 3 gnashers and 4 boggles (all different ones) on 124 and those statues would boost me by a lot. I have no problems with wood or fish collection, I just want the bulk of my collectors to be boosted and I am NOT going to farm a fully new set of dragons for a little extra on each of them either. On top of that is that all my collectors (14 wood and 13 fish) are at least exclusive ones with many being unique or premiums (as a fully f2p player quite the collection actually) so I see no reason to replace those.
It is just that with those 2 statues they would be even better and I don’t see why they are not in the game when we have the supreme useless chicken statue.

Oh, my friend… I was there too, thinking that my flock was good enough and it wasn’t really worth to make grow new dragons. But in fact, lvling those juicier new dragons when I got stuck by the max cap was the reason why I could keep enjoying the game. Always finding new dragons to improve my collectors. But yeah, they should allow to buy statues for all king of dragons,L… Pretty sure it’s in their plans to eventually do it :slight_smile:

And Armorwing boosts more wood than fish… Yeah, right, but I’m not finding any trouble to have my wood spent in getting iron, which eventually is depleted by those dragons in between lvls 124-150. I focus fish for feeding and wood for “mining” so I get the best from everywhere the best I find it possible (well, and using some wood to buy chances to get collectibles with the travels too :P)

Doing pretty much the same though I want my active collecting stock to be diverse as well as effective. I don’t take up dragons with single digit collection numbers and most of mine are in the 12 to 17 mil per hour region with 2 to 3 per resource that collect less but therefore go in extend of a full day (in case I can’t reset the shorter ones in time). I have little fish nor wood for iron problems atm and Goliam and Stonewall are great iron collectors just by the self. My flock gets stronger and more diverse all the time but I will not start from scratch just to get 30 armor wings.

Please don’t ‘diss’ the chicken statue. Chickens are so easy to level up. I have 3 collecting iron and 2 collecting fish. My Bütter-Bol collects 50.4m/h fish for 5h35m, and Chichillen collects 15.9m/h fish for 11h10m.
I really want the Prickleboggle and Threadtail statues. Sending Grump on the 10 iron journey is the easiest way to collect multiples of these dragons. They collect 15.1m/h for 7h45m which is less than my other collectors but with a statue …

I just really dislike the chickens that’s all. They will NEVER get a place on my berk and therefore to my their statue is the most useless one as well.