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Would anyone like a Q&A from Ludia? Poll

We could all suggest questions on this thread, and then we could compile the most liked ones, and maybe reframe them if necessary. Ludia has done this before, with Stat Boosts 2.0, but I think it would be nice if we could have one about the general state of the game.

But first of all, how many of y’all think this would actually be helpful?

  • I think it would help
  • I don’t think it would help
  • I’m neutral

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I know we don’t get to just demand Q&As from Ludia whenever we want, but if enough people want it, it’s worth asking, right?


Ludia:WOW! That sure is interesting, but I sure don’t care(until it involves money)


Lmao, @Indankraptor

It wouldn’t help because ludia doesn’t listen to feedback

It wouldn’t do anything. We’ve seen how they communicate.

“We’re working on making things better”

“We value community input”

“We will continue to listen to feedback”

All scripted corporate mouthpiece nonsense. Empty words meant to give people something to hold onto to try to justify their faith in a company that has taken the faith of thousands of players and squandered it completely.

Ludia’s actions over the period of 2 years with the game speak of their true intentions and beliefs far more than any interview or Q&A would. We have all our answers right in front of us.

“What made you make a Q&A Ludia?”
Ludia: Money

I think I’ll give this one a few more days. Is 52 votes enough, or do y’all think that’s too few? Or does it not matter because a Q&A would be welcome anyway?

So, @Ned, any chance of this happening?

Hey Qaw, I can’t make any promises but I’d be happy to share the questions with our team.