Would I be able to arrange My Team


As topic said, would player be able to arrange My Team in the order that thet want?

I did arrange My team in the order I wanted, but after restart the game, it change back to the system’s order.


Hey night, you can organize which dinosaur is in your team roster. However, the ones taken into battle are randomly selected from your team. Our FAQ here seems like it could also be helpful for you: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=about-battles&f=how-can-i-decide-which-creatures-to-take-into-pvp-battle&p=all

I hope this helps!


I think he means the sort order that they are displayed on the screen when you look at My Team.

What is the sort order for that section anyway? it isn’t level like My Collection, I don’t think it’s alphabetical… what is the default sort order for My Team?


Hi there, I knew the battle arena is randomly select dinos into fight.

But my question is not asking that.

I am asking if I would be able to “arrange” My Team in the order I want, instead of in system’s order.

For ex. I want My Team shown as:

(use character instead of dino name)
A / B / C / D
E / F / G / H

Atter I sorted in this order, and I restart the game, the order of My Team will become:

C / F / A / D
B / G / C / H
(This is just example)

Do you know what I mean?


Yes, this is what I mean.



Yeah, I understand what you mean.

I had this issue pre 1.3 update where the dinosaurs in my team would get sorted (for display) in some particular order irrespective of the order I put them. I would be trying repeatedly to put Velociraptor in Spot 1 (for me the dino in Spot 1 was getting picked most of the times and Spot 2 would get picked rarely) but it would be always taken by T-Rex post screen change.

But frankly I haven’t bothered checking recently since I enjoy the randomization and feel now the selections are consistent for me.


What strikes me as odd is that the order My Team is displayed under the Collection tab is different than how they are displayed when doing a Strike Event and you have to choose your 4 to do the battles.


Didn’t count which spot might be pick the most.

I just wanna My Team display in the order I sorted, which will make me feel better.