Would I be rude to do this in just SS Arcadia?

So basically I already have 2 legendaries, both fierce/cunning and I’m planning to make my team full legendary in SS Arcadia where mainly epics are. Would it be overkill and plain mean to just take on people with full legendaries while they only have epics? It may take a whole year just to get half since well, I suck at the game. But should I really do it?

S. S. Arcadia actually has a lot of legendary now

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I didn’t even read the post, but…

People destroy teams with fully boosted lvl 30 thors in aviary, so why not Arcadia as well. :grinning:

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Heh, great! Gotta deal with legendaries flocks now not just epics. This is what happens when I’m not doing PVP during the last month

What’s your second legendary?


First is indom