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Would it be possible to move the week 2 Guild Rally?

The current guild event schedule is:
Week 1: Mon-Wed: Rally
Week 2: Mon-Wed: Rally and Warrior Draft
Week 3: Mon-Wed: Rally
Week 4: Mon-Sat: RAID
I suggest changing week 2 to:
Mon-Wed: Warrior Draft, Thur-Sat: Rally
That would spread the events out so there weren’t two occurring simultaneously, and also allow more casual players to have a Rally on a weekend.

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Personally the Warrior Draft SH hand event sucks. 1 Battle per key?? Win or lose? A flawed concept.

We’ve made it optional in our guilds. Not many rewards or experience points compared to Raid.

My guild enjoys the draft because it’s incredibly fast and cheap. It takes around 6 keys per player if everyone participates. You only need 16 kills per player, and pvp characters die much faster than bosses.
But my suggestion doesn’t really involve the draft, it’s about making a rally available on different days to accommodate players who have a limited play time.

Hello TheChuck,
Thank you for the suggestion, I have passed it onto the team.