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Would like it if more dinos were available to choose for DNA from alliance as well as are DNA splice to create new creatures shouldn't just be 10 DNA available after you've just put 400 in


There’s two things in one really the amount of creatures in your alliance that you can get DNA from your fellow alliance members needs to go up I mean it’s just specific ones. The other problem is when we’re creating are dinos and creatures it would be nice if we didn’t just get 10 DNA out of dinosaurs we have to put 200 DNA for just one chance at it so you’re putting in 400 DNA from two different dinosaurs and you get 10 DNA back it’s very irritating you’re spending DNA then you’re spending coins and then you’re spending more coins to evolve it then give us more DNA from putting in DNA to create these creatures please. It literally makes it impossible for anyone to get creatures built up it’s frustrating it’s irritating. That’s the most horrible part of the game that and the amount of stops there are

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Lol, I never knew thread titles could be sooooo loooonnngggg! :grin:


I know it’s long but I didn’t want to make two topics I didn’t think it would go that long either


I agree with your post btw, but if you haven’t started fusing Uniques yet, then things are going to get much, much worse for you.

It’s pretty common to end up trading 10k of farmed DNA for 50 DNA that you actually need, via fusions.


Oh I’ve started fusions on uniques it’s just irritating they don’t give anybody really enough DNA to do anything like usually the events you have nine chances at one dinosaur and nine chances on another well this event it’s only 9 in total so we can only get nine chances at all of them combined it’s not nine times on each animal they’re making it more and more difficult so they make more more money cuz it’s pretty much pay to play at this point.


Two questions/thoughts on DNA


Perfect Title.

I’m starting to think that the title he put was a troll


No I’m not a troll I just kept going ranting because I’m tired of it it happened so often to everyone and they should be dealing with it think about it the amount of DNA we need to make the creatures isn’t balanced at all. You can only ask for alliance for certain dinosaurs or certain creatures.


i’m afraid the body of his post is beyond even my prodigious skills.

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I’m very sorry that it is all messed up and not what I fully intended it to be just had surgery and I’m talking to my phone so go figure medications and time on my hands with this game is getting very irritating. Especially when it is culminating. New irritations from being able to get DNA from animals and use the DNA and have it balanced


It’s 3 attempts per Epic dino featured, and always has been. Since there are 3 dinos today, we get 9 attempts in total.

You get 9 attempts per Rare and I think 12? Per Common, for each dino featured. Hope this helps.

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Okay got you that was my bad for not knowing that because I usually don’t get to do them because I’m at home disabled and I basically went out today to go to the doctor