Would love it if all non-hybrids could be in sanctuary/alliance donations, including Paralux

Hi there! I would love it if all non- hybrids could be in the sanctuary as well as be available for alliance
donations, including dinos like Paralux. One reason is it is extremely hard to find in the wild - and many people seem to have better rng with finding it than others (including myself - months of searching with almost nothing to show, while other friends of mine have multiples show up on their doorstep all the time). The other reason is this: there are people like me who are disabled, and the short range searching and searching in general can be very difficult. I know that this game is supposed to encourage people to get outside and search, but when you are in the middle of a serious pandemic and shouldn’t be out in public a lot (even if vaccinated), live in an area that has gone into lockdown again (as some of my friends have off and on), and have a disability that makes mobility more difficult, having the option to farm dna for all non-hybrid creatures of all types including legendaries like Paralux would be most welcome - especially now that creatures like paralux will have a hybrid that will most likely be very dominant. Would greatly appreciate this consideration :slight_smile: