Would love it if Friendlies actually worked

Title says it all. Some of us need friendlies to practice for skills, but cannot simply because it’s incredibly broken and glitchy. Half the time you cannot connect with the other player, and, if you do, it barely works… then you have to restart after a match or two. It’s extremely frustrating, and I would rerally appreciate it Ludia would try and fix it so it’s usable. It would really help me and other a lot.

Thanks so much!


I really hope this gets fixed eventually. I was doing some friendly battles with another player. About 15 invites were sent in total, yet we only battled 3 times. Most of the time I was stuck into the battle while the other player wasn’t, so I had to sit there waiting 50 seconds for the battle to time out.

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Yesterday we tried doing a few friendlies and it was horrible. I dunno how many restarts, reboots, failures, etc before we got 2 in. A huge issue is the friends list is completely broken and a waste of time anyways (don’t get me started on the FL system :rofl: - as someone who helps at 2 Discord groups it’s such a pain to deal with).

The only problem I have with friendlies is that it never times up so I can never choose a creature. I really hate it because it never turns out fair, and the match timed out sign stays on top of the battle :frowning: