Would love rotations of retired raids on weekends

Since we’ve had Wooly the past two weekends, and the occasional carno over weekends, I think it would be really fun to bring back “retired” raids each weekend, rotating through those raids that are no longer available on a weekly basis. It would give newer players a chance to collect dna for dinos they were not able to raid for in the past, help alliances finish off incs, as well as adding another dimension of fun to the game for those of us who enjoy raids. What do you guys think?


yes :slight_smile:
10 c

100% agree. I don’t think that raids take away from the tournaments, really. In fact, I think raids make people more active over the weekend. Right now weekends are much quieter than weekdays in my alliance Discord. Most people just do their dailies and 10 takedowns and not much else.