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Would monotops be worth it?


Hey guys I just want y’alls opinion is monosegatops worth it? Or should I just go a different legendary hybrid?

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Monostegotops is one of the beat hybrids imo. It is essentially the ultimate anti-setup and anti-evasive beast. It is 100% worth investing in


I like her and still part of my team. Very good dino in my opinion…


Still, wait for the next update, there might be balance changes. Also, Monomimus is getting a unique hybrid.


@Jesus_Nungaray, Monostegotops in my opinion, is amazing! With decent damage, and crit chance, along with a useful skill set.
I use Monostegotops on my team, and it’s a great counter to dinos with damage increasing abilities or cloaking. It’s useful for me because I don’t have many creatures on my team with high health or armor. What are everyone else’s thoughts on Monostegotops?


He’s the best counter for many dinos, even across different metas. Especially indoraptor. A must-have on the team.

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I’ve been using it for a while now. Doesn’t really do enough damage but with two nullify abilities it has been a fantastic addition.

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Absolutely brilliant legendary dino, totally worth investing in, although I’d wait till patch notes if I were you (which should be posted today or tomorrow). It’s one of the best counters to things that can dodge or evade, thanks to its nullifying moves. It can also slow and stun, so it can counter faster dinos very well. And don’t underestimate its damage with 3 impact moves in a row with a 20% crit chance.

I started investing in Monostegotops a couple of months back and brought it to level 25 very recently and it’s an absolute monster. If there are no negative changes to it in the upcoming update I might take it all the way to level 30.


@Ned, its nice to see you mods actually posting your tboughts and ideas about the game, instead of just policing all the time. I like it, keep it up. :kissing_closed_eyes:


It’s totally subjective about how it will fit (or not) into your team. If it fills a part of where you team is lacking - like needing a tanky nulifier/stunner/slower for example - then go for it. For my teams it’s not worth it, I already have 2 much faster nullifiers, and a better stunner/slower - Stegoceratops. Personally I’d save the Trike DNA and put it in Stego, it stalls and stuns better and hits harder than Monosteg, and invest in the faster nullifier in the Mono line.

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I agree to that as well loving the feedback
Just recently joined the forum,and granted I’ve only posted twice but have received great feedback.


After 1.5 I switched my mono focus from mimus to stego. Been working out for me pretty well. If nullifying impact gets its cool down reduced it will be even better (although that would also affect mimus)

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Monostego is 100% worth investing in imo. One reason I will say apart from nullifying and countering the indo bloodline, is that it is a dino that can deal with almost anything. At higher levels, it is one of the only dinos that can go toe to toe with tyrant tier and top level uniques such as dilorach, rinex, etc.


Monosteg is the MVP between 3800- 4500 trophies, even at low levels.

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I love my Monostego. It is my best Indor, Green Chicken and even Rinex counter. The armor combined with the 3 impact moves that are extremely versatile make it a great counter to many dinos. It can take a hit while dishing some back out. You might want to wait until patch notes as other have said, but this thing had been a staple on my team and served me very well.


I’d say she’s alright…


Nearly L27 here… I let it sit for a long time, but realized it’s totally worth it.


I think she’s pretty decent and with the apparent buffs it may be getting its going to be a must have on your team…


I’m currently monostegoceratopless,
Mono was hard to come by for me and monomimus was a must have back then so this is my current sitch

If youve got ready access to stego, and the nullifying impact change doesn’t bring along any other nerfs, this is a great Dino to Level up if you already have it. I wouldn’t reccomend building it from scratch if you’re fielding a team of 20+ and intend to bring it to the arena as well


Funny you should say that. Mine is only 20, and holds her own against the 23s, 24s, and 25s I face.

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