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Would need some help here with visual problem


Same account only different device (mobile, tablet)
On my mobile I have one green supply drop seen on the picture. But on my tablet there is no green supply drop there. And now that I check it I also miss a normal supply drop on the right. How is this possible? :thinking::neutral_face:


Ludia magic! :hugs:

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It may be something to do with having 1 device be an android device and the other an iOS device as they slightly differ in the adventure aspects

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Sadly both android :grinning: and samsung. I am no tech guy so :hugs: the only difference maybe is the android version.


Well… it wouldn’t be the first example of magic in the game​:joy::rofl:


I’d say it’s just a different gps reading the map differently. Happens to us in the car all the time with different phones.