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Would not be sad to see cloak and evasive stance gone from the game


I have been having a string of bad luck against cloak and evasive stance recently. I never seem to get a hit on my opponent when they use these moves. I know it is just bad luck. I am more frustrated because I hate it when I outplay someone who has dinosaurs three or four levels above mine, and they get lucky with the last dinosaur dodging my attack because of a coin flip. I do have dinosaurs with the counter moves, but sometimes they are already used and dead.


Yes. I’m totally with you on this! They are completely unnecessary moves to have in this game, they basically define the entire meta and plague all the arenas (and cause real grief to low level players). It stops people from levelling up and playing other creatures forcing player only to work on having counter to these specific threats - and there simply are no where near enough counter-moves to them in the game. These moves spoil which would otherwise be a really fun skill-based game, the result is ‘everyone’ goes for the creatures with the noobish 50/50 chance moves, shifting the meta from skill-based to luck-based. Yes they can be countered but it takes a high level skill to be able to predict, switch and win against the RNG-o-saurs with cloaking and evasive moves. Ludia made a ‘gross miscalculation’ in adding them to the game. But sadly I think they’re here to stay. :-/


People complain about it in the game, when they use it themselves.
You guys might agree with the OP, but about 150 other people disagree.

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I am not complaining. I am merely stating the fact that I think gameplay would be better without those moves. I do have I-rex and indoraptor on my team, but I use them for their power and not the dodge moves. That doesn’t mean I don’t utilize the dodge moves.


Just saying, nullifiers are a thing :man_shrugging:


Ludia 9/10 times doesnt listen to us, so if you dont like something in this game, then go play something else.


Wow, no need to be so rude. So I am not allowed to voice an opinion on the forum site? Get off your high horse.


sorry i think its a horrible idea. not trying to be rude.


I understand your frustration. It is equally frustrating when you use those moves yourself and the evade fails completely. Until rng is removed completely, however, there will always be little frustrations like that, it’s no different to a stun that doesn’t stick.


Yep… I’ve made dozens of similar comments in other threads. And I’m tired of being nice about this. The truth is, these moves SUCK! It’s a personal goal of mine to have a team full of dinos that can counter these things so my battles don’t end in a coin toss :expressionless:

The fact we use them gives us even more right to talk about them. Cloak and Evasive are way worse than stuns, especially since the update… But Cloak is easier to avoid. The real problem is Evasive Stance… Three turns of making you feel like an idiot.


:joy::joy::joy: i guess you have to have thick skin… bad joke :joy::joy:

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Posts like this generally makes me wonder, would you guys prefer JWTGs battle style over JWAs? I mean, last I checked, JWTG doesn’t have moves like ‘Cloak’ Or ‘Evasive Stance’ it’s just Attack, Block and recharge.

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Well, you can’t make everyone happy. Some people do like it and some people don’t. After all, if you choose to stay to play the game, you got to move on and find ways to deal with RNG dependent creatures.


I love the battles in JWA, except when it’s against ES user and I don’t have any counter with me… then it becomes totally a matter of luck… I don’t have issues with crits, stuns and other things that depend on RNG. Evasive Stance is the only thing I really hate about this game’s mechanics.


That’s why I replace my Irex with Tyranolo in my team in order to de-RNG as much as I can.

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How about adding a force-swap move?
That counters the dodger by simply removing it from play, gives you more chances to play around it while not breaking the move while also broadening the meta.


I don’t think it is a good idea. Just like the SI-DSR of Dracorex G2, most players (including me) do not like anything out of their controls. You can modify your strategy during battle, but should not be changed unvoluntarily by opponents.

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I rather like the coin flip. It gives me a chance to win when I’m losing. I can’t say how many times I’ve been saved and also cursed by the coin flip. There are plenty of dinos with nullify and decent skills to add to ones team. Eventually players will realize that using these moves (cloak, evasive stance) will do them no good and the problem will fix itself. It’s called balancing.

I remember using my ornithomimus and dodging about 7 attacks in a row. Didn’t do enough damage to take out my opponent and after they got frustrated brought out a fresh dino and took me out.

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SI nullify would solve this problem for me. Then I don’t have to waste a move and sometimes get hit twice because the counters to ES are way weaker and slow than the cloakers.


I dont think that will balance, because as you say, it gives you a chance when losing.

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